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    OMG how could they let a left wing voice be heard.....I like Jesse, hes a little out there, enough to make me read his book. Makes you think. No I dont think it was a conspiracy but so many unanswered questions.
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    I have to agree, he make you think. Nothing wrong with that.
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    I watched him when he was on Piers Morgan. You're right--he is a little out there--but he did make some valid points.

    He has come a long way since his Jesse "The Body" days in the WWF.
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    He has the same theories as Rosie O'donnell and Charlie Sheen.....:knockedout:
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    Does he have Parkinsons? He seems to have the shakes in some interviews ive seen...i think its Parkinsons or something like it.
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    Truthers all.
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    "I ain't got time to bleed!"
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    What happened to "FAIR AND BALANCED" moreluck?

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    Effect of repetitive concussions while in WWF.
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    I liked Jesse when he was Govenor of Minnesota. At least you knew where he stood on any particular issue even if you didn't agree with him.. The press gave him alot of flack for saying publicly that organized religion is just a crutch. His answer to what Christians might think about that statement was---"if they are truly Christians- they will forgive me". Brilliant!
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    Not really a left wing voice. He said Ron Paul was his man. The only reason RP is listed as a republican is because he got tired of getting beat out as a libertarian.~
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    Post #4 was mine.......
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    Media Matters ??? Mother Jones ??? Now that's the models for Honesty !!! Very Fair and Balanced --as balanced as MSNBC.
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    FOX news own Laura Ingraham demonstrates what ignorance really looks like on the set of FOX NEWS....

    ‘Sup, Laura Ingraham? How’ve you been? Keeping busy? Cool, cool. You’ve been doing what? Being deeply confused and kind of full of racist bullshoop about immigrants and Puerto Rico? Well, that’s a thing to pass the time, we guess. What idiot wind blew out of your mouth lately?
    The context of Ingraham’s statement was a rant about Sotomayor’s decision to refer to people in the United States without citizenship or immigration papers as “undocumented immigrants” because, in Sotomayor’s words, calling “them illegal aliens seemed . . . insulting.” After claiming that Sotomayor’s preference for one term over the other somehow reflects insufficient respect for the rule of law, Ingraham said that Justice Sotomayor’s “allegiance obviously goes to her, you know, immigrant family background, not to the U.S. Constitution.”

    This story from:

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    7 Ways to Get Your Posts Edited or Deleted

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    That is what is on CNBC
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    What a load of BS.
    #1 Taxes are too high.
    #2 Everybody needs and uses oil in some form.
    #3 Low wages suck, especially when you work for a multi-billion dollar company.
    #4 The word reform can mean anything. Some people want to make Health Care more free-market and some people want total government run Health care.
    Your view of Republicans is biased and wrong and mis-leading. What a waste of a post.