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  1. Washu234

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    Perhaps the hardest thing to explain to customers is FedEx Express vs Ground, however I got hit with one worse today. FedEx Ground vs FedEx Home. Now that FedEx Home delivers to business what's the difference? Also why do some of our ads say FedEx Air?

    I think I get it:

    FedEx Air = FedEx Express & FedEx Express Frieght.
    FedEx Home = FedEx Ground but owner paying for the same route Tuesday through Saturday.
    FedEx Freight = FedEx LTL & FedEx Express Freight (???)

    At least FedEx Custom Critical is easy. A contractor we pay to drive your **** where ever you want with a freezer/heater/Gps/security guard.

    I bet this company was awesome when it was express only.
  2. MrFedEx

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    FedEx Home has a puppy dog on it's logo, and I really don't understand what they do either. It's no wonder the customers are confused.
  3. upssalesguy

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    the fedex home delivery guy in my neighborhood takes a nap between 2-4 pm
  4. MD10MECH

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    If thats true.Surprised you haven't drop the dime on him.
  5. bbsam

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    why doesn't he just go home?
  6. FedExer267

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    Most be nice to take a nap because you want to on the other hand taking a nap if you have to really sucks. Finish delivering between 230 and 300 and then have to wait around for Kinkos nothing else to do but take a nap. The screwy thing is if Id start later I would miss some time windows for delivery so a nap sounds pretty good. Id love to just go home but unfortunatley I cant. I bet you if they had to pay us by the hour the window on Kinkos would be dropped from 6 in a heartbeat.