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    we have discovered that several of our customers have been taking advantage of the supplies. they have been ordering the 10K & 25K boxes, which are supposed to be for international shipments, and shipping their merchandise domestic ground with them. most recently we started seeing express boxes and paks, turned inside out and used for domestic shipments aswell. management has been made aware of the practice, but we still see large shipments of supplies going to these customers. most of them are from the Korean community and it seems to be a rather well known source for all of them to get their boxes from UPS. then someone said that they had gotten the idea from an episode of the Simpsons, which i found, hopefully i can add the link to it.
    is anyone else noticing the freebie giveaway?
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    Lisa as Kenmei @ the 1:58 mark... NICE!!!:happy-very:
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    I used to get free UPS Turkey boxes, but that practice stopped this year.
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    I have a customer on my rte that has been using express boxes (all sizes) for about a year now to ship ground parcels. I brought this to the attention of management, but they don't seem to care. This shipper also cheats on weights as well. On numerous occasions I have brought in 50lb boxes that say 10lb on the shipping label to management's attention, and all they do is charge him the 5olb rate wtih no penalty attached! The shipping clerk at this company has told me to my face that when our rates go up his weights go down!! He doesn't care because when they do catch him cheating on weights all they do is make him pay the correct weight charge. Until there is some kind of penalty charge for cheating on weights he won't change this practice.

    The driver that had this account before me, refused to pick up pkgs that were incorrectly weighed, and the customer ended up calling corporate, and the driver was eventually moved from his rte.
    In these times of cutting back you would think management would be aggressive in monitoring these "cheaters", but they don't seem to care anymore.
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    I have customers using FedEx and DHL packaging for their UPS shipments. What are ya going to do about it? Ain't much ya can do.
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    Everyone does this, though. Even large accounts. Until/unless UPS fills more revenue recovery positions, not every parcel is going to be weight-corrected and adjusted. This is going to be big this New Year!
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    I feel that if they're using them to ship pkgs in our system, what's the big deal? I would understand if they were ordering our supplies and shipping stuff via some other company.

    As for the shipper cheating on weights? I wouldn't pick up and obvious weight differential pkg, like, says 10lbs but is actually 40lbs plus. I'd tell them to correct the weight in that case. If a pkg says DHL, FedEx or even Joe Schmoe's company name on it, but has a UPS shipping label, it gets shipped. I find that funny but don't think it will disrupt service.
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    The point about using air boxes to ship ground is that the higher air rates pay for the box, while the lower ground rates cut into the profit margin. Shippers who obviously cheat at weights should be charged extra, in my opinion.
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    When I first read the title of this thread I thought it was about customers who replenish their supplies by taking supplies from the nearest drop box.

    I have been told that this is simply a cost of doing business. I do mention it if I see it at a P/U stop but I don't press the issue beyond that.

    There is a simple solution for the shipper cheating on the weight. If they are shipping electronically using our software ask your BD to supply them with a scale that is linked to their computer. If they are Internet shipping, are still using the book or are shipping other than with our software, simply bring a couple of the pkgs to the revenue recovery folks who will not only correct the weight(s) but will assess a fee for this service. I would think that, once they get their bill and see these charges, they would get the idea and would stop cheating.
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    Had a guy here about 20 years ago that ran a wholesale computer business. I was making the pickup one day, and though every box (200 or so) was labeled 15 lbs., I was grunting on many of them. I mentioned it to the local sort supe, and she weighed and corrected every box (none under 30 lbs.)

    His shipments were checked every night for several months, and UPS eventually charged him with mail fraud and he was convicted. Spent a couple years in a Federal pen.:surprised:
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    At least he didn't build some furniture with a bunch boxes

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    That happens all the time with the customers. Our center found a customer doing that a few months back so the supplies were stopped in transit. He was very angry even after he was reminded about the policy...he cursed out the driver pretty bad but has since calmed down.

    That's a great clip of the simpsons. I never saw that episode before.
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    when i saw the picture attached to this quote, (I Hope it came along for the ride to my post), I thought one of the trio in my avatar jumped the fence
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    College kids used to be good at setting up internet shipping accounts and then ordering the International boxes. I had a preloader that would tell me about all the supplies that Joe Blow would be getting. This was before PAS and I'd toss them out of the car before leaving the building. The only way my Sup got them to stop was to get LP involved.
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    Bart - "Who knew guys in brown shirts could cause such trouble? " As the term brown shirts resonated in my head, I googled brown shirts and confirmed my suspicion that the storm troopers or SA of nazi germany were also known as the brown shirts due to the color of their uniforms.
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    much better for fedex to sell them a $.45 box and spend $45 on shipping with us than vice versa....
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    I had a few ladies on my route that would use the old way bill envelopes (the ones that had the sticky backs on them) as lint removers. Actually works good. I can't find them in the letter boxes anymore- don't UPS use them now? You know us retired people are always looking to save a buck:peaceful:
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    I had a guy who was always getting giant plastic rolls of small bags (before we had forever bags) he was the head of shipping for a national acct! this cheap bastid was using them for his leaves and household trash! a worker dimed him out to me,i also delivered to his house and saw the clear bags out on leaf day!! guess who went buy his house that evening with a box cutter and sliced all the bottoms and put about 20 bags back on his lawn?? that was the end of his supplys I shut him off!!!:funny::funny::funny:
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    It was very thoughtful of somebody to mulch his lawn!!!