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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by blacknproud, Nov 3, 2007.

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    I work for UPS in Addison IL, I am a recent new 22.3 combo, been with the company 5 years 3 part time. I enjoy working for an honest paycheck, I work as hard as I can, but I have been called "boy" and other disgusting names by my part time supervisors, I went above thier heads to a full time sup, he basically laughed and said thats the real world once your a combo employee now. He then proceeded to say I wouldn't last, that I was lucky to get my full time job, that once this new contract passes that no more 22.3's would be available.

    I then went to my union stewart who is a pretty scary guy, he filed a greivance on employee manager realations, and no I am black balled, no pun intened. I just want to work get ahead in life and do my job without being picked on, for lack of a better word. I though about calling the corporate line but was told on the sly by a manager if I did that my black ass would be sorry....What can I do? Thanks
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    I don't believe your story for 1 second. Your just trying to stir up trouble.
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    Why would I lie? Have you ever been to the Addison hub? If you have you would know....wait Im guessing your a white man..
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    do what you feel is the right thing to do. there is no way you should be treated that way.go as high up as you can. i wish you the very best of luck, and hang in there.
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    How, what should I do, should I take the risk and call corporate? I don't want any other problems? Thanks
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    you need to tell somebody. i'm not sure who, but something needs to be done. ups prides itself on being a diverse company. so by no means should you be going through what you are going through. maybe corporate would be the right place to call.
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    Thanks for the advice, I will talk it over with my wife, and the union steward, that I trust, thanks again.
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    good luck and keep us posted.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Both UPS and FDX has had discrimination suits filed against them and lost. Don't let management scare you into threats of losing your job over this, document all will need this when you take them to court!
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    UPS hates Combo jobs, as a company it treats combo workers like crap because this position was forced on them by contract. These PT sups who are harassing you are probably jealous because you make more than them. And it does sound that racism may be involved, these members of management sound ignorant. The 1-800 Hotline was set up to deal with these problems. I would get your stewards advice and also keep records and names of witnesses before you do call that number if you decide it is worth it to you to carry it that far.
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    ........or you can let it slide off your back, smile every time someone calls you a derogatory name and see how fast you'll be wearing a tie.
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    If this is a legit post and we do see our share of trolls on this site then you need to decide what you wish to do. By all rights you should stomp all over their ignorance. It will put you on the outskirts of relationships for a while as you have seen. Being a jackie Robinson is not for everyone. So yes you should hit the issue with both barrels blazing but I do understand your position.

    next step might be to talk to the HR manager. Or you could call the labor manager and see if he/she is aware of your grievance. I'm surprised your grievance has not had half the hr department running to your door step.

    Question - you go to the f/t sup and complain about being called racially offensive names. He responds to your complaint by saying thats the way it is now that you are a combo person? I don't understand the relationship of the two?
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    First I think Tie gave some sound advice, but a few things to consider, are you the only person he calls "boy", or does he call every male that? Also is it just blacks he calls that?

    If this is a true concern, they will be panicking pretty soon, and likley your sup will be toast. Call the local union and ask the BA if he/she received your grievance, and you can send them a letter requesting to know the status of your grievance. As Tie said contact Human Resources, your center manager, Div mngr, etc...Once you contact the local, they will likely scramble to meet the company on this.

    Stand your ground and demand the respect you deserve, as per Article 37 etc..
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    Thanks, although rumor has it that the div manager and the labor manage have 1 foot out of the door as it is, I will keep documenting all of these incidences, once again thanks for all of your advice....
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    i work in addison and can see this happening with the current management team we have. call the ups help line number pm me if u need the number
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    I've never seen a Company hire and promote so many minorites. I don't think you have a leg to stand on. Logisticly one center maybe more stressed than another when it comes to individual bigotry. Deal with it on individual level and don't pull the race card. Going by your Avator name and the "you must be a white man" defensive posture to criticisim, look at the big picture and research this company's achievements and contributions to the minority community, before sounding off and throwing racial improprieties around.
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    You's a double edged sword my friend.

    Don't come on here and play the racism card if your yourself are going to.
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    I used to work at Addison. It was a nice place to work at the time. I had a bunch of really great managers. I have a relative working there now. I get texts at oddball hours about how this or that went down. Different place now....

    Addison has obviously gone downhill. When I was there, we had respected management. Amazing how things change and not necessarily for the better, either...

    Bingo!! I applied for p/t supe at the Addison hub a number of years ago. I watched two or three far less qualified minorities move up ahead of me. I pulled my name out of the pool the week before I would have been offered the job. -Rocky
  19. Obviously TROLL you are insensitive to that matter at hand. This issue is NOT just in ADDISON, ILL. There are similar situations in Watertown and Somerville, Mass. ONLY the ignorant will try to deny the actions of the guilty without witnessing or experiencing the problems the victim has dealt with. I, personally, can say RACISM/DISCRIMINATION DOES exist at UPS. UPS touts thier horn for community involvement. I was discriminated against for trying to give back to my (black)community. I am NOW being discriminated against for having a tier 3 accident AND A CAUCASIAN had the same accident. I was taken off the road "permanently" the other driver was back on the orad within two weeks. Know the full story before forming an opinion.
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    ENE is one of the most diverse and least racist despite what you say here.