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    Central Region :
    We have a few air exception drivers that deliver our air on Saturday, our center does not do ground deliveries. Last year they started a ground pickup, had air drivers picking it up but not paying top ground rate for it. I raised a stink, nothing was done. Now another air exception driver filed on it, and the company is harrassing us (surprise). Was scheduled to work Saturday, even ok'd by my sup on Friday. Then sup says no, a FT driver is going to bump you off of air to do this ground pickup because hes "laid off". hes not laid off, they just never drove him although he was on the schedule. He also has less company seniority than me. Am I correct in reading Art 3 Sec 6, that the only time a FT can bump Saturday air, is if they are a) laid off b) more company seniority?

    My union BA is worthless and hates air drivers, so he's siding with the company as usual.
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    If they didn't work him, then he was laid off.

    Ground driver gets ground work over air driver.
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    I think the ground driver is taking volunteer lay off and wants to keep his benefits by working Saturday.
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    the FT guys have teh issue not the PT air drivers. FTers should be fighting to get that pickup by seniority order. Not given to some low seniority FT guy who was laid off.
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    The issue I have is he is taking the ground pickup (30 minutes of work) PLUS that air job for the day which is about 4 hours. Bring him in for the ground work, fine. But they are harrassing us air drivers for filing on not getting top rate for doing this pickup.
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    not sure you have any say in this. if the ground guy is coming in he can demand 8 full hours. so they will give him air deliveries to keep him busy.

    On days where my center runs sat ground the ground guys still deliver all air and the air drivers don't work if not needed.

    different contracts for different areas. I would believe you are screwed and have no say. you get what they give you. read the contract.
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    my contract says "air driver work shall consist of delivery and pickup of air packages which, because of time and customer commitments, cannot be reasonably performed by regular package drivers."

    My opinion is that I can reasonably perform saturday air work as a full time driver. I would like to file and make it go FT first before PT.

    In the saturday specific section it says qualified air drivers can put themself on a list for saturday work. Then it says saturday work is offered in seniority order.

    This implies to me that saturday work is not a bid position and you work only if they need you. And if they need or want a full time ground guy then you are SOL.
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    yeah you have no case here. once that driver comes in he is guarnteed 8hrs. so in order of who matters for hours is ground>air. you wont get work if he is there.
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    Sounds like by forcing the issue you found your answer.

    Ground work goes to FT Driver thus creating a run that should be bid on.
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    Yea, he raised a stink about not getting ground rate for 1 pickup and now lost his entire Saturday's pay.

    Be careful what you wish for....
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    Have you ever noticed, when people come here fishing for answers....

    it's because their Local sucks and the BA always sides with the company ?
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    Usually the case.

    I'll help him out.

    Your BA is telling you that there is no contractual violation in what the Company is doing.

    This Article nothing to do with Saturday air being done by an exception air driver.

    You are not an air driver, you are an exception air driver. There is a difference.

    You are covered under Article 40 of the NMUPSA. You deliver air when a FT employee, or air driver, cannot make service on air packages.

    You raised a stink, you lost your Saturday air gig.

    No contractual violation.
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    It happens a lot more....than you are willing to admit Big Guy. Of course, it never would occur where you are. Thank you for everything. Lol.
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    All this heavy lifting.... wears me out.

    The company was exploiting the Saturday air driver, by not paying ground rate.

    When brought to their attention (cough) the problem was rectified.

    It didn't work out in the OP's favor.


    Based on the facts presented....

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    Heavy lifting- lol. Thanks for everything that you do. You're a real trooper. Lol.
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    Where ?

    Not everyone likes me, but they vote for me. :biggrin:

    Do you Know why ?

    Because they trust me.

    I would ask....

    What you have done, in your illustrious career @ UPS ?

    How have you served and represented, your fellow Union members ?

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    Thank you for the clarification guys
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    Believe it or not, tough Guy, you don't have to get elected and go to the buffet daily to promote unionism and/or go up against a company on contract issues. Get over yourself.
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    22.4 about to be bumping you permanently.