FT bumping Saturday air work

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brownerblue, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Well of course. If a member of the rank and file asks a steward or BA a question about the contract and the answer is not what they wanted to hear, the only possible explanation is that steward or BA is a worthless company shill. Just common sense really...
  2. Rack em

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    Sometimes....There are a lot of times where the steward is just a pusillanimous and is too buddy buddy with the center manager though. It's happened a few times in our center unfortunately.
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    No FT drivers are permitted to bump a Saturday air driver where in at.
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    As long as Saturday is air only.
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    OP is an Exception Air Driver, not an Air Driver, big difference.
  6. Bubblehead

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    Not in regards to this particular "exception air driver", but there is certainly a contractual violation occurring.
    "The facts" are that this is extra work for the full time driving classification.
    "Laid off" has zero to do with it, other than the rate of pay.

    If it were my building regularly, the Company would owe me time and a half for those Saturdays.
  7. Jackburton

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    Agreed, missing work throughout the week doesn’t justify you using your seniority on a day you aren’t scheduled. This has been grieved and won, not even going to get into the fact it seems his building isn’t running ground deliveries on Saturday to start with.
  8. Mugarolla

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    They were fine using air drivers to deliver Saturday air.

    The issue arose when they started using air drivers to make a scheduled pick up.

    This now goes by seniority, even to that guy not scheduled to work that may have even had a day off already.
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    ....a scheduled "ground pickup".
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    @Bubblehead, I was editing that as you tagged it.

    There is probably more there now.
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    Here its ground work goes to ground drivers by seniority first... and it doesnt matter if its a 6th punch or not. I think the exception would be if that particular driver were on vacation that week and wanted to work and bump someone and that would not be allowed.
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    The confusion that I didn't clarify very well, was a FT M-F driver, bumping a scheduled Saturday Part Time Air Exception driver...on Saturday, delivering air. Yes he also takes 5 minutes to do a 10 package ground pickup, after he delivers the air pkgs. We aren't even allowed to order supplies at our center such as tape due to "UPS being broke", yet they will let a FT bump into Sat air work and pay him more.
  14. Mugarolla

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    There is no confusion, except for maybe on your part.

    He is not bumping you.

    The contract is what it is. Ground pickups need to be picked up by FT drivers, not air drivers, weekends or weekdays. It doesn't matter. Not matter what it costs.

    Since there is a FT driver now working Saturday, they are having him deliver airs as well as the pickup so that he has enough work to satisfy his daily guarantee.

    He is not going to come in just for an hour and make 1 pickup.

    They now no longer need you on Saturday because there is a FT driver scheduled.
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    I understand you wanted the contract to be abided by and I respect that.

    Kinda funny looking back cause you raised a stink you lost your Saturday air gig. Contractually you were right but because you pushed the issue now you got nothing. NO SOUP FOR YOU!