Full-time Dedicated Dry Van Drivers?

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    So I seen this on UPS site for a posting in Plainfield, In. for
    CDL A (HazMat REQ)Tractor-Trailer Truckload Driver Dedicated anyone able to explain as to what this position would be doing or have a general idea?

    think this maybe running doubles from a to b? have layovers? etc...

    wish the site had more details as to what the driver would be doing.

    and what is a UPS Freight road test?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Sleeper team?
  3. hondo

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    Truckload-dedicated is most likely servicing a single customer. Running freight from their distribution center to their stores. Probably sleeper, may involve lift gate deliveries. Probably not union.

    Think "regional" as opposed to "local" or "OTR"
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    Hondo is spot on. You're better off doing a search on UPS for Road Driver <-- exact phrase