Fulltime District Overgoods job eliminated

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by longinseniority, Sep 24, 2007.

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    <P>I want to thank you for your website,and the opportunity to post and read questions,Thank you Administrators &amp; Moderators. I need to know if anyone knows of their fulltime union District Overgoods clerks jobs, that have been&nbsp;eliminated, as mine has. The company now has part timers on each sort doing the overgoods for their own sorts. I would also like to know if the district overgoods clerks jobs have&nbsp;not changed in your state.If you do not know please ask around and let me know as soon as you can.My fulltime inside union Overgoods job is now being done by part timers and the company tells me this was done all over the country.Need to know if this is true?Thank you for your time in this matter.</P>
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    How long have you been in this fultime job? Your fulltime job should be protected in the contract, especially seeing that p-timers are performing this work. What has your union said about this? I sure hope you have filed a grievance within a timely manner. I will ask around here for you on this.
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    So, what about the GM strike.?

    Ok, fellows. What's the deal, do you cross the picket lines. Yes or no? Because I cannot get a straight answer from my management. From my understanding, UPS drivers honor all picket lines. You , go boys and girls. I respect your decision all the way. Wish I could be like you. So tell me what y'all are going to do. Pick up or not pick up?:thumbup1:
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    Re: So, what about the GM strike.?

    I know in the DIAD there's an option for "strike" when delivering or picking up packages. If you're asking if I would cross a UPS or other union picket lines.....I say that's no one's business but mine til the situation happens. I can't remember being faced with a picket line to be perfectly honest. -Rocky
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    Grieve it. They can't eliminate a full time job and replace you with part timers. In my hub, they were doing that rampantly with cover drivers and the full timers grieved the hell out of it.

    Now cover drivers are back doing what they're supposed to do.
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    Thank you for your time and guidance,I grieved this to state and lost! Going at them again need info. on other states, and what has happened to the overgoods in the other states. I bid into the overgoods job 12 years ago.
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    Before I left in 2006 the talk was to eliminate the district overgoods consolidation locations in the large hubs. The centers are to process their own overgoods directly to Utah or Kansas.

    If this happened, then full time jobs would be eliminated, but you should have your pick of job full time job, based on your seniority.

    I have seen where a specific local agreed to replace a full time overgoods clerk, who retired with part timers, with the anticipation of the consolidation of overgoods being eliminated.

    What was the reason for losing your grievance? If you don't mind sharing
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    Thank you,as our contract books reads, The number of permanent full-time inside jobs in each local union area as of April 30, 1979 shall be guaranteed from replacement by part-time employees. It was the word number where our union fell through the cracks and I lost, our local had a fire and the records with the "number" of fulltime inside jobs from 1979 could not be proven. So what the company wanted they get. I would love to get a copy of the seniority list for 1979.Any ideas on how to get it, besides asking the company which keeps it under lock and key? You are the first to tell me that someone else had heard of the elimination. I guess I need to know that this was infact a company wide decision and not just local.I was assigned a new job,and thats another whole story in its self.
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    a new f/t job? case closed.
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    Brownrodster sorry, but this job was assigned to me,It was a existing job that was vacated though a retirement
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    Wouldn't the local have a list of FULL TIME DUES PAYING MEMBERS? Wouldn't UPS corporate have this info?
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    Re: So, what about the GM strike.?

    I tell my sup there is a picket line and I am not crossing it what do you want to do with the freight
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    Our district overgoods jobs were non-union.
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    Re: So, what about the GM strike.?

    Isn't it amazing how they don't have an option for Misload? Oh yeah, I forgot, they like to have drivers sheet it up as missed instead. Guess we have to protect the great minds at IE, we can't give the impression PAS has serious flaws.
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    Re: So, what about the GM strike.?

    There used to be an option for misload. It used to be j or f. Last time I looked the spot was still empty.
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    Re: So, what about the GM strike.?

    If someone tracked a package and it said misload, what would that mean to them? When will it be delivered? If they saw it said missed, I think most people know what that means.
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    The overgoods person in New Stanton has been there since the beginning of time!!

    I havent heard anything about them eliminating his job yet. Hope you get it sorted out.
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    Thank you so much I have been waiting for answers to the question I asked I thank you, Do you mind telling me what state New Stanton is in and if he is fulltime,union and the district overgoods person for the state?
  20. Mystakilla

    Mystakilla Who the *$#@ cares.

    New Stanton is in Pennsylvania (largest hub in western pa), yes he is fulltime and union, been there since dinosaurs were walking the earth, as for overgoods person for the whole state i dont think so, but definetly for the hub.