Funniest name I ever heard...


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I had a computer to deliver today, it was an Indian lady that answered the door. There was no sig required, but if it's a computer/electronics I like to get a sig. She was a very nice lady, she signed happily. I asked what her last name was she smiles and said "Dipti:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:." I was like "uuuhhh, I'm sorry can you spell that for me?" So she says "D-H-I-P-T-I-S-H-I-T-H."

Arty S.

Almost true story...

Law office on one of the routes I deliver has multiple partners, one of whom has the last name "Boner." First time I'm delivering there, I approach the issue as carefully as I can, so as to be respectful.

"I've got a package for, uh, Stephen, uh, baw-ner."

"Oh, he pronounces it 'Boner,' I can't imagine why though, seems so unprofessional."

"Yeah, I guess so. Didn't want to trip over that one."

"Oh, no worries happens all the time."

"Thanks. Oh, what was your last name?"

"Faj-ett. friend-A-G-G-E-T-T-E."

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The man at a college signed for me and couldn't read it asked him to spell it....really slow he says g o **** ...I looked at the spelling in shock and said ''could you repeat that" he spelled it again the same and I grinned and said "have a good weekend and laughed the rest of the day!!


My Fiance works at the Free Public Library... They have a Korean male who's name is ":censored2: Yu". She even checked it against his license because she didn't believe it at first...