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  1. OrioN

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    Ok, so I'm now in a co location for the summer, covering a more rural route than my own & discovered a misload... usually at the HD terminal, we use 012 : package sorted to wrong route.

    But the next morning, a preloader told me to use this code instead so they can just Work Area scan them directly to the correct route in the morning???


    I thot this was only used for businesses that are closed for inventory or something???

    anyways, I'm having a blast sitting behind the windshield for most of the summer with the AC on full max directed at my armpits, lol... besides the last 2 heat waves, it's been a cool summer

    So I'm at 80 ~ 100 stops on the average... there is no way the subcontractor is making profit off this route? Amazon is using no DSPs at all in the area; mainly using USPS & UPS and a few will slip into my truck, but not the ubiquitous smile box... sketch-1564184803280.png

    It's turning August soon & they better find a sucker err... driver for the area

    Very sketchy driveway when it's raining with only 2 homes... no guard rails make for a crappy delivery in the winter
  2. Nolimitz

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    you need guard rails on a straight flat dirt road? ROOKIE!
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  3. OrioN

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    I'm not doing this area when September arrives... that dirt driveway is smack dab in the middle of a cranberry field. So steep sides will make the driver walk in that half mile "driveway" to deliver the box or risk slipping into the ditch and having a roll over accident
  4. CJinx

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    The package handler probably got an earful for the misload and would rather you didn't highlight their failures.
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  5. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    This terminal is close to the competition... Amazon & UPS. they can't keep workers since they are offering better pay/ bennies.

    Right now, it's about 3 preloaders for a 20-24 route belt line... & this collocation has 10 lines, which is kinda nuts

    As long as it doesn't bother management, I guess I'll keep doing so.


    Not a bad 6 day work week; I didn't go over 90 mph or else I could've saved 2 hours!
  6. SmithBarney

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    What the hell are you driving a unicycle, if you can't keep it on that road.
  7. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    It's fine when it's dry and daylight... not when it's dark and raining or snowing.

    No street lights and no cellphone service if one gets stuck