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    Do you like the 34 hour restart, 11 hour driving time, 14 hour on duty time, and 10 hours off before driving again?
    Hate it?
    Like part of it?
    Think there should be different regulations for Package Drivers vs. Feeder Drivers?
    (creative way to fix your over 9.5 problem....)

    Submit your comments NOW to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

    Go here:

    then click the hyperlinked text which should be about in the upper middle of your screen that says "Submit Comment". (yes I did the hard work negotiating a cumbersome Government website for you)

    Last time they had a comment period, only about 200 comments were received nationwide.
    Make your voice heard.

    SUGGESTION: If I were a Package Driver I would suggest reducing the 'on duty' time during extreme cold or hot weather.
    If you want to address 9.5's permanently, I would suggest modifying 395.1(e)(2)(v) to say "The driver does not drive more than 9.5 hours following at least 10 consecutive hours off duty" and ask for a section to be added that recognized all time "on road" as driving time unless specifically off duty such as lunch or break.
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    Great question, Crowbar! And I really like your suggestion that all on-road time for PC drivers should be driving time. It should be! Most PC drivers don't know the HOS rules, but Feeder drivers have to know them cold. A PC driver will NEVER get to 11 hours now, you're out of the truck too much! Imagine the havoc that would cause. They would have to be much more careful with dispatch, because no-one could go over 11 on-road.

    I wouldn't like permanent over 9.5 language (some of us like ot!).

    AND, I really like the 34 hour reset, GAWD does that make adding up hours easy.

    I'll be checking out Crowbars link.
  3. RoyalFlush

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    The rules are intended for the safety of the public. Once again we see the "safety" card being used to influence non-safety issues. I think it is ridiculous that anyone would suggest that we attempt to change DOT safety regulations in order to satisfy another agenda.

    If you don't like the 9.5 language or how it is enforced you should address this through the union, not the DOT.

    Real truck drivers would go broke if they were limited to 9.5 hours everyday. I understand the concept of protecting rights. Your ability to not drive over 9.5 hours is 100% within your control. The protection of ones own convenience or preference should not interfere with the rights and freedom of others. UPS is a big company, but it's still a small percentage of the truck drivers on the road.
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    I checked it out. Thanks Crowbar.
  5. Old International

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    I like the current method. It is easy to figure your hours, and you know that somewheres in a 7 day period, you will get a day and half off. The old way, with rolling hours, and having to add 7 day totals, and 6 day totals, add and subtract, makes it tough to stay on top of your hours.