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    Hello there potential brother Teamsters! I have an interview this coming Thursday in Hodgkins as a sleeper driver. Could you guys give me some insight on the job? Hours...average pay for a bottom feeder like myself...chances of getting out of sleepers within a year or 3? I've been at Usf Holland for about 20 years so now...time to part ways now I think. And if I go on to a road test. ...any do's and don't s I should watch for? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Wear your seat belt and be willing to learn the ups way. Sounds like you've been driving a long time but ups wants you to do everything "their way" it's not so bad just don't be stuck on your ways. Good luck!

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    If its for a position for a sleeper team then your pay is based on mileage not based on $/hr.
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    Rumor has it; these runs are scheduled/paid hourly as 4x10 hour days, no OT, even though you're in the truck 80 hours.
    Local 710 jurisdiction, still under extension of old contract; so starting pay is probably $16.10/hr. New contract was voted down once. That Local is now in trusteeship. No idea if this will be addressed in subsequent negotiations.

    Tips: keep both hands on the wheel; and if they send you through a shopping center parking lot, follow the marked lanes of travel.
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    Thanks for the info. Hondo....So far I have been told by HR that it will start at 40cpm and 5th day work is available at ot rate of $24/hr so yes sounds like $16 rate. After reading through the contract though.....I see it says ant time worked after Nov 1st will not count towards seniority. ...I have potential start date of Sept. 22. Can I make the 30/90 by Nov 1st? If I'm short 1 day of the 30 then I have to work untill January to get the Seniority correct?
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    Also says 4x10 workweek shall count as 5 day week....would be fine then I guess.
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    OT doesn't start until you work 10 hours, not 8.
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    Right....same as where I'm at now. Gotta get my foot in the door somehow....might as well be sleepers I guess. I'm just looking long term at the pension.....retirement is nicer with a decent pension from what I've seen. I would just stay where I'm currently employed (Holland) but they stopped paying the pension AND cut our pay 15%. Gotta look at the future....