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    We have yet another new center manager. He likes to stand up at the PCM and say things that seem to be aimed at upsetting the drivers.
    Here is the latest.

    He announced a few days back that everyone had a good dispatch and would be off early EXCEPT THE DRIVERS WITH PERFORMANCE ISSUES.
    This really got under my skin as the last run in my loop GAINED 2 HOURS in a recent time study.

    I just love it when everything is the driver's fault and managment cant see the TRUE problem here!
    Thanks for the place to vent! Have a good day and carry on!
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    Could be a lot worse our center manager regales us with stories bout the 30 days he spent driving. You cant let stuff like that get to you. Just do your job a driver has enough to worry bout out there without analizing over some halfwits remarks.
  3. sendagain

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    Center managers often come and go like buses down Main Street. Just do your job and they will soon be a distant memory.
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    How true! Reminds me of when I was thinking of applying. Was on big dirt job next to an existing K-Mart. Construction was going down hill (in mid-70's here). PC kept driving in the back. Somebody said we should work for UPS. I didn't even know what UPS WAS!!!!

    One day, I just stopped my earthmover near the driver while he was sheeting the bulk stop and asked how to get hired. He said, "He's the one you should talk to" (pointing to the on-car supe).

    The arrogant little snip said it was real hard and I'd NEVER in the door, let alone get hired. Long story short...a month later, when the center manager was escorting me through the building introducing me to everone, I met "The Little King". Me>>>"Oh, you're the guy that said I'd never get in the door".

    Some time later, he got shipped out where he couldn't do too much damage but still got fired. The center manager quit in disgust over another matter. My training supe quit in disgust, in fact, every supe or center manager that was there or came in AFTER me is now GONE!

    I know that I, too, will be gone but all of these that I can think of never made it to my yrs of service, going on 30 now.

    Everybody just hang in there. There IS a God!
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    Think back to the days of unloading trucks and be happy you still have a job at UPS. It could be a lot worse than listening to a center manager for 10 minutes. Try telling your wife and kids that you lost your job to some outsourcing company in Las Vegas, then complain to me about some PCM.
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    One time I was blind swinging a route in my center and my center manager maid a remark in front of the group about he not wanting me to run a hour over ever again. So I went out that day and ran two hours over. He never commented on my time again.
    Long story short,A-hole mgmt will come and go but do your job the way you know how and you`ll outlast them every time.
  7. tieguy

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    Just curious. How did you plan to run two hours over that day? Did you decide to sit somewhere for an hour more then normal?
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    LOL, what do you think the GPS in DIAD 4 is for?
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    Wornout. If you have that performance issue for more than four hours, see a doctor.
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    A few years ago we inherited a ctr manager that was very young for the job,maybe 23 .He was friendly with someone in western Canada and got the job through his good looks I guess.He came across as a company man .He loved handing out reprimands for everything he could reprimand you for.I saw him every day in his office typing them out on his laptop.
    One day I called for help,and he answered the phone.I said I
    have too much work and I cant get my break and I need help.
    He said there was no help available as most of the sups were
    out pulling runs.I said then why dont you brown up and come and help me...god did he laugh...and laugh he did,about 3 months later he fired me.
    I got my job back and a year later he got fired and now works
    for DHL with his buddy from western Canada...
    They come in so full of fire and brimstone...but
    most leave like lambs
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  17. DS

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    so what if he did...he`s a good worker,he just had to prove a that worth firing him over?
  18. tieguy

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    huh? who said anything about firing him?
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    hey we might work in the same center, or maybe all the managers went to the same school of
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    worker bees can leave
    even drones can fly away
    the queen is their slave