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    <font color="0000ff"><font face="courier new,courier"></font>Just wondering?? We have heard that that each new Diad will have GPS installed in them and that management can and will have a control center within "the centers" as too watch our every move all day long! I have heard that it is already being used somewhere back east, but info came from supervision. Any news or truth to this all, we are usually the last to get new upgrades in the midwest.</font>}
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    The new DIAD will have GPS.

    It is not there so that management can watch you all day long.

    There are two known uses for GPS. One is to alert you if you mis-deliver a package. The second is to guide you to a stop if you don't know the direction.

    These two items are future uses. They won't be there immediately.

    It is not being used back east. The new DIAD is being tested back east however.

    A program will be built to transmit information from the DIADS back to the center. This is probably what the supervisor was talking about. It does not need GPS. The intent is to alert the center about possible service problems and to aid in making decisions on on call pickups.

    By the way, each district already has 25 GPS units. They have been there for quite a few years. They are used when needed to find dispatch problems.

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    The new diad is more sinister than you realize. Those cameras mounted on the rear of the package car are now able to broadcast live pictures back to your center manager via diad 4 so they can see exactly where you are at all times. And the diad itself is also a super secret video device with mass amounts of storage space. It has no problem recording up to 18 hours of video and when you download the day's details at night the video is also downloaded and reset to record the next day. It also sends back live video too. They decided to incorporate the record feature after a focus meeting with center managers revealed that they couldn't see what was going on when they hit the golf course which we all know is rather regular.

    The newer package cars also have on-board computers for vehicle function but UPS has gotten with the various vehicle manufactures and have also tapped into these computers. Via wireless device, the diad pulls up all vehicle data in real time and broadcasts this back to your center manager. They are not only able to know exactly where you are at all times but while you drive they know what speed you're going, what gear you're in, I mean literally everything that's going on in and around that vehicle. Even the auto mechanics will now bust you for driving 30 mph over those speed bumps. And the starting out in 2nd gear? Busted!

    UPS can track you even better than they can track packages so if I were you I'd do a top notch job or it could be curtains for you. Warn your fellow drivers that the heat is on bigtime so don't goof off, forget those extended breaks under the big oak tree or checking out the babes at the nearest park. If you do you'll be busted!

    I wonder if he'll really buy that load of crap?
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    I do remember being told that any delay at a stop of 15 min or more will send out an alert to the center...thanks for the "real" info, anymore you just don't know who to listen to, just take in stride, do your job and go home and pray to hit the lottery.

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    Thank you for not revealing the Manager Transporter function hidden within Diad IV.
    I understand the Diad IV can also be used as a microwave for drivers who want a hot lunch.
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    Hehehe, They know allready if you dropped your drawers, or just unziped. [​IMG]

    And dont forget that any conversations within 50 feet of the diad are recorded for playback at a later date.

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    I got a warning letter when my DIAD recorded me flipping off an angry customer....
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    Memo from International Motherhood of Beamsters:

    Biten Message
    RE: UPS Diad 4

    Our union is very concerned about the leaps in technology with the new Diad 4. Specifically, our area of concern is the ability of management to have both visual and audio surveillance capability on our members. With this in mind the IMB has contracted with the most advanced minds to come up with counter-measures.

    For the video function a special override feature will be secretly embedded so that whenever our members decide to "coast" on the job they press a function key and the video signal will be replaced with the Golf Channel. To further insure that management will be captured by the video switch, special sublimnal signals tuned to the brain patterns of management will insure that our members will not be harassed.

    As for the audio, all upper management offices will be bugged and then these signals will be piggybacked and fed back to the center manager. Your union feels this management on management ease dropping will be so successful that the various center management teams will be more interested in what upper management is saying and doing that they will request our members to permenantly have this function on and they will forget about our members leaving them to continue to screw off and milk the clock like we've always done.

    Now this is really silly isn't it?[​IMG]
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    Mac: I can't outdo those posts, so I won't even try.

    IMB......I love it!

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    I don't care if they know where I am at all times. In fact, they can ride with me (on the perch) and I'll show them. Any takers?
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    [​IMG]If I pull my pants down and sit on it like a copier can I xerox a pic of my butt back to the center? that would be cool!!! If I can figure out a way to get the GPS out and attach it to a cab we will have some fun! Hell i am excited now, this will be great!!![​IMG]
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    I believe that xeroxing one's butt is the leading cause of copier failure! [​IMG]
    Perhaps sending that xerox would cause the DIAD to fail too!!! [​IMG]

    I would guess that depends on the butt that is xeroxed. [​IMG]
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    "If I can figure out a way to get the GPS out and attach it to a cab..."

    OR attach it to your supervisors car, and he'll go crazy trying to find you!( "Why cant I see him!! He should be right here!!")
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    Tin Foil Hat Alert