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Pick your battles carefully.

What do you hope to gain by making your boss look like an a## in front of labor relations and other administrative managers?
You could use this in a more productive manner by keeping a logbook of names, dates, what was said and by whom including any witnesses present.

By doing this, you can document any pattern that develops. It can also serve as your ace card up your sleeve. Imagine this are called into the office for "whatever" and you casually mention:

"Sir, on (name date) and in the presence of (name the steward), did you not say that you hate me in direct violation of (name article number) regarding respect and dignity?

This will usually silence management if this conversation occurs in the presence of third and fourth parties.

This is just a can do what you want.

The manager may have just had a bad day. If you rub this in his nose he will remember it when you screw up. If it was me, I would keep the ace card up my sleeve, smile alot and it will probably pass. Some of these managers have real short attention spans anyway.
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do to the fact I have been accussed of having an affair and the individual lied about this nothing happend to him as fair as disciplinary action the graffitti written in the package car supervisor took picture of it and the shop stewart mention the handwritting who wrote it again nothing happen as far as disciplinary action but if this was someone who he liked it would have been a stop to this immediatly
This to me means he let this all happen in the two yrs because of his feelings towards me do u really think I care of how he feels about me of course not but all the problems in the past now it all fits together. I was not treated fairly as an employer for this company period..


yea I'm confused too. Why would you care if a manager says he hates you? Were you guys in love, married or what? Otherwise who cares if the guy says he hates you.
Geez are we getting so sensitive now that we grieve a manager who is honest enough to say he hates you?
cant go in full detail, but when managment says he hates an employee and lets them(co-workders) get away from writing on my package car it seems like not getting equal justice here in the workforce. It just goes to show depending on the manager how much of a punching bag you become in in the workforce. How can anyone tell me if you been accussed of having an affair with a customer (girl) and the individual made the statement and it was never proven to be true. How can a shop stewart also tell me the griffitti that was written against me come from a driver when in fact he tells me who wrote it, and a supervisor takes a picture and is told from the shop stewart who the individual wrote it and gets away with it. Don't you get it your manger is the one who is suppose to keep all this from escalating time and time again.


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Management is supposed to treat you with dignity and respect at all times, and vice-versa. If I was in your shoes I would just smile, nod and take note of when and where the incident occured in case you need ammunition in the future.

Grievances are for situations when going to management is impractical or proves fruitless. You probably could've solved this problem by respectfully requesting that your supervisor treat you as they wish to be treated. Grievances should be reserved for things like: when supervisors are working, when you have been unjustly disciplined, when somebody screws up the hours on your check, when somebody orders you to violate a safety regulation or if you feel as if you are working excessive overtime.

If management yells at you or insults you, do not get into a **** measuring contest with them because you will bring a world of **** down upon yourself. Let your business agents and shop stewards do the cursing and screaming.

As long as you have good attendence, follow your HABITS and work as directed you're pretty close to bulletproof whether or not management dislikes you.

You work for a great company with great people, so don't let anything anybody says get you down. (It's the people who run the place that suck, not us)