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    I’m wondering what are the benefits and cons of grievances? And how do I go about filling one and what is the overall process like?
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    You document what happens to you, save a copy start a paper trail and set your own narrative of how you’re victimized by the company and dindu nuffin. Eventually it stacks to the point they just leave you alone and realize the more they harass you the more you are proven to be the victim of retaliation for union activity.

    You end up on the :censored2: list with no favors from your management team, but you also don’t have to do them favors and demand what you’re contractually entitled to instead of what they want to do for you in exchange for you not getting what you’re entitled to.
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    Hey, they haven’t fired you yet?

    Thought you were long gone by now

    What is it you want to grieve?
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    Talk to your steward
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    File every time you have a chance. You won’t always get paid on them...but it will make a point. You will be a target but if you’re doing your job correctly that’s not an issue. Roll tide roll
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    Start times, proper notice of X, oversupervision, harassment, supervisors working, failure to follow bid order, meal break daily garuntees and 9.5 violations are all things you should definitely merit a greviance for. All of these serve as the backbone of our contract that make work here even remotely tolorable.
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    Do you like free money? That’s the benefit. Do you have a set of cajones to deal with the backlash. I used to love those days in package when my clown center manager would call me over after the PCM and make me sign off for the live grievance check. It wasn’t even about the money, it was about showing them that you’re not going to bury me without consequences. Lasted about 5 weeks of them paying me free money and I never went over 9.5 again more than once, or sometimes twice.
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    Blueballs could be the next Jimmy Hoffa!
  11. Misthios

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    Is that you Bill? That's my wonderful and useful stewards answer to everything. Guy is a joke.
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    Stewards are a joke, you gotta go above them to get anything done...
  13. Wrong

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    You don’t have to have a steward present. I refused one steward who would sit there and take managements side in any warning letter or harassment meeting, literally said I’d be fired for over allowed. I told them I don’t want him in the meeting and used an old timer as a witness to what was said instead.

    The old timer did what the steward was suppose to do, sit there and be quiet if management has a point and take my side when they can.
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  14. Wrong

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    I complained to the union hall about this guy giving bad information and telling them they need to retrain his ass. I was pissed when he told me I’d be fired over time allowance.
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    If you’re asking these questions then you aren’t ready yet.
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    Don’t be scared to file grievances. Who cares. I’m management. I get like 3 a week minimum filed against me. I never heard a thing from my bosses. It’s not like I want to do union work. But if my preloader is late I gotta do their set until coverage. Obv I’m not happy but I’m not mad at them. I know what I signed up for. My union employees give me heads up when filing and I say good for you guys. It is what it is