Heavy as hell.

eats packages

Brings a Switch to work
I wish they would do that here more often, let the junk routes cover some pickups when we’re heavy instead of murdering the commercial routes
Here they just pulled my commercial route off of me and created a new preload assignment elsewhere, then gave it a residential split. Complete disaster.

The route went from 8 hours to 12 hours overnight.


Half the lies they tell about me aren't true!!
it was a struggle


Where’s all your bulk come from? Post office?

Rarely any bulk on that route. Outside a PITA 50 piece delivery for a church -- must've been directories or something, 35 lb boxes that felt like 50s, 4 long trips with the hand cart -- and a couple heavy resi deliveries, over 3 weeks I've never seen a stop with more than 10 pieces. I'm sure the schools get bulk occasionally too.

The pickup volume is 90 percent UPS store.