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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Cardboard-n-Asphalt, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Cardboard-n-Asphalt

    Cardboard-n-Asphalt New Member

    Greetings UPSers,:) I just recently stumbled across this site and I've

    enjoyed reading your posts. It's nice to know there are others outside of

    my center who experience some of the same things I do. I look forward

    to reading, and responding to your posts.
  2. area43

    area43 New Member

    Welcome and happy posting, C n A. ( : ps may I ask what city and state ?
  3. Cardboard-n-Asphalt

    Cardboard-n-Asphalt New Member

    I'm in Tennessee area43, I've been a Teamster for 17 years now, 5 of

    those were part time, 12 of those were in a pkg car, and I'm hoping that

    I'll soon be in the Feeder Dept.
  4. old levi's

    old levi's I use to care... but things have changed

    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Cardboard-n-Asphalt There's always something interesting going on here. Stop in as often as you can.
  5. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Brown Cafe, I hope you stop back by often. Your not that far from me, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.:thumbup1:
  6. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Another Tennessee UPSer? There aren't many of us on here.
  7. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome CAA! Love your sig line. I researched it long ago in college. Some old poem, Latin maybe?
  8. Channahon

    Channahon New Member

    Welcome to Brown Cafe and enjoy your stay!!
  9. raceanoncr

    raceanoncr Well-Known Member

    No, Over, I got it. It's supposed to be, "Concrete and Clay" by Unit 4 plus 2 (1965)
  10. tonyexpress

    tonyexpress Whac-A-Troll Patrol Staff Member

    Welcome to the Browncafe Cardboard-n-asphalt!

    Hope you will find this forum useful and informative!!:thumbup1:
  11. Cardboard-n-Asphalt

    Cardboard-n-Asphalt New Member

    Thanks Dino :thumbup1:

    Thanks Scratch, I'm sure we'll see each other here at the Cafe.

    Yup Big_A, there's a new hillbilly in town :w00t: sorry to hear there's not more of us.

    DING! DING! DING! ... circle gets the square, tell him what he's won Johhny. :tongue_sm
    Mors aurem vellens "vivite" ait, venie. A line from The Copas written by
    Publius Vergilus Maro over 1900 years ago.

    Thanks Chan, I'm sure I will.

    Thanks Tony, I already have.
  12. Sammie

    Sammie Well-Known Member

    Welcome, CnA, and carpe diem!

    (I knew those 4 years of Latin would come in handy one day)...

    Hope you enjoy the Cafe!
  13. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    welcome .