Hello. New guy here

Been at UPS 3 weeks now, no paycheck yet because they keep saying something is wrong with their system and us latest hires can't even clock in, doing preload (belt to car). Was at FedEx ground before this. Seems as if I'm working harder for less pay. Most times I can keep up with packages coming down the belt for the first few hours then I'll get slammed with a bunch of big heavy packages and to managers and supes get mad and yell about keeping up and not letting things go by. Had a few come to try and demonstrate but ended up not even being able to keep up with just the load going to one of my cars. Then they said I've only been loading at 100 pph which makes no sense considering I finish in about 4.5 or less hours loading 2 trucks that average 300 to 360 packages each. Any tips or advice for me?


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You can't clock in? Are you making sure they are putting your time in? Could be why they are not cutting you a check.
Yea. We haven't gotten our id cards or anything. They say the supervisors are keeping track of when we start and leave. But they cant put it in the system yet or something. I've been writing down the times I come in and when I leave myself.
No idea what's going on. I asked again today. After the told me I had a few misloads though the truck they say it was on was one another guy came over and started loading. Sigh


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You should be getting paid, go talk to your steward and get this issue resolved immediately. Doesn't matter if you have not received an ID card or not we get paid every Friday no matter what bull:censored2: happens on their end of the street.
They finally got our checks out now I have to go see why my last check said I only worked a few hours even though I worked 6 days after they asked me to come in on my off day. How fun