Hello, new to Brown cafe Im glad to be here?


Trailer Maggot
Hi Ive been browsing the forums for a week and thought I should introduce myself. Im currently a permanent part time trailer maggot on local sort. I hope to drive full time some time in the future and plan to work my ass off like Ive been doing so far to get to a driver position. I joined here in the beginning because of the benefits as Im a self employed motorcycle mechanic. I have been dealing with UPS for years both in shipping and recieving parts and grew fond of the drivers I got to know well.
Ive decided that this is a worth while career for someone willing to bust their ass for a good paycheck and pension and hope to wear a brown jacket some day. While Im a little shocked to see all the tension and finger pointing on this site but Im not realy that surprised being as large of a company as UPS is. I just hope the managers and the "others" can let this stuff go some time and realise we all work for the same reasons, to put food on the table for our families and retire with some semblence of security.
Thats all I realy have to say, just wanted to say hi and get some info about my company. Merry Christmas and God save our backs :crying: