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    I need help in finding proper procedures, forms and whatever is necessary to be paid for days off for on the job injury.
    Yesterday my husband(driver) called the center for help. He was experiencing dizziness, blurred vision and was about to pass out. When the sup got there he gave him a drink and said he will be okay. When my husband begged to see a dr., sup said he did not know his area so he would have to help and that he would be okay. After 2 hrs of my husband started throwing up, then the sup drove him to the hospital. My husband was having a heat stroke. When did these sup get their degree in medicine? My husband had to spend the night in the hospital to get his fluids up and his kidneys to normal. I called the sup on duty this morning and told him that my husband was being released, bed rest for next 2 days and can return to work on Monday. The sup said that if he was in need of money he could come work in the office. HUH??? Bed in office? Is he not entitled to pay for today and the next 2 days? It is job related.
    I work for USPS and know my rights. I would think they were simular.
    Someone please point me in the right direction, I only have web access to UPS materials and don't know where to find them.
    Thank You very much
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    yeh, well most sups could careless, I reported a minor injury a month ago, and I dont know how many poeple from management told me dont worry about it, youll be fine. This coming from poeple who say report an injury regardless of severity. REDIC. My opinion take them to court
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    I think your best bet is trying to find the information on your states Department of Industrial Accidents web site. Workers Compensation laws vary from state to state so unless someone on this board lives in your state and is familiar with the process you are going to hear a lot of different responses. From personal experience I know in Massachusetts if you are disabled unable to earn your full wages for 5 calendar days or more the company has to report it to the insurance company and the state. Its out 21 days before being paid for the first 5 here. Insurance Companies are the scum of the earth and will deny any claim they can so I wouldn't expect UPS or the insurance company to just do it as " the right thing to do". Its an awful process and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Good luck
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    "Is he not entitled to pay for today and the next 2 days? It is job related."

    Nope. At least not here.

    His first mistake was not staying hydrated. You need to drink an enormous amount of fluids to stay healthy at this job.

    His second mistake was to call the center instead of an ambulance. Is your hubby a rookie? No offence, but everyone knows it's the management teams first priority to get the route done.

    Tell him to get well, and consider this a learning experience.
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    He will be paid for the time he worked that day, but most likely will not get paid for the next 2 out(depending on your state comp laws). He also can not work if the doctor put him on a "NO" work restriction. I'd bet most hospitals will do that. Let me ask this did he give the hospital his insurance info or did they get a conformation number from Liberty Mutual? Your husband also should have told the sup he doesn't give a DAM whether he knows the route or not get me medical attention now or I'm calling 911. All I can say is make sure it was reported to Liberty and is being treatd as a comp claim. They will try to screw you don't think they won't, you will get burned I see it happen alot.
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    :crying:on job injury?don't get injured.:)if you get hurt it's best to contact a lawyer.:sad:then if the center manager gives anyone a hard time or asks any questions hav center manager call your lawyer.they won't say anything then.:thumbup1:
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    In Texas, also, you do not get paid for the first 5 days off and have to be off a while to ever get paid for those days. Where the heck is your Union Steward?!?
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    Thank you guys for the replys. First, he thought he was doing enough for hydration. He knows now to get medical help before calling center. As for a steward, it would take a crow bar to get her out of the management's btt. I work for the post office and if the same situation happened, I would get continuance pay.
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    Gotta love those goverment gigs:lol:
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    Union contract says YOU GET HELP with over 70s... you should have left it there - You used proper methods and requested help after you exhausted all options (diad and phone) you should have left it...

  11. Have to ask this.... wasnt there anyone working at the store that was capable enough to help you? Besides that i wouldve told the center the package was remaining at the store..
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