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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hseofpayne, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Hopefully this won't come off as cocky , but I have a co-worker who makes me look bad and I am afraid my entitlement attitude may be wearing thin with management. So far, I have managed to have part of my workload transferred to this guy and have enjoyed rubbing it in his face. Once I learned to use my power over management, its been all singing and dancing on the preload for me. The problem is, this sucka keeps snitching to the supervisors and the union, and although I have them in my pocket, you can never be too sure.

    I almost fell out laffin when I saw him strugglin to do his job and part of mine! I can do the whole job if I wanted to, but why should I? If he don't quit rattin me out, I might just have to shank him in the parking lot after the sort. I tried to tell him he should just stick it to da man, too, but the idiot won't play da game. How can I get this sucka outta here before he screws up my gravy train without bustin a cap in him?
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    hmmmmmm idk
  3. Maybe its because that is what you are paid to do?
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    LOL @ "laffin"

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    i think he's poking fun at another thread. :wink2:
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    Good Eye! There were all these guys coming to the rescue of the lazy dude in the other thread, saying they hadn't heard both sides of the story, so I gave 'em the other side!
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    Oh yeah, you sure gave the other side. Brilliant.
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    EDIT: it helps to read every post. Funny stuff.
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    You hit the nail on the head. So close the thread was almost scary to read.
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    Thanks, I started to name the thread "I Do Less Work Than Most", but I thought that would be a little much, don't you think?
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    Glad I could be of service radallj. It seemed you were being outnumbered, just wanted to help. I was in your shoes before in my 23 years of UPS'n, it's not easy keeping your cool with all the pressure on the preload. I may have went a little far in some of my posts, but I don't think either of us are racist. Let me give you this advice though; try not to let race be the first thing that enters your mind when dealing with this guy. We have more than our fair share of lazy workers of all races. The bitterness will eat you up inside and affect your relationships with other people of color. You can sense the bitterness from some of the other posters on here towards whites. Don't end up like them.
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    If you want to eliminate race from the argument, perhaps a good start would be to refrain from using the fake Ebonics/ghetto slang in your posts. Personell issues should be handled without regard to race. That goes both ways...I have seen instances at UPS where blacks where actually given preferential treatment out of fear of being sued for discrimination. This is every bit as wrong as discrimination itself. Unfortunately, we live in a society full of people with a victim mentality who are quick to sue for anything, and the only defense against idiotic lawsuits is often to just "put up" with otherwise unacceptable behavior.
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    Don't be trippin mo fo, it aint fake. You da cracker who started hatin' on whites in yo udder posts. If you aint lookin for racism, yo :censored2: wont see no racism. Seein on how weez bof white, day cant be no racism tween us. If UPS would do like me and stand up to those who scream racism, from both sides, trying to sue wouldn't be an option taken up lightly. I don't care what color you are, if you keep getting away with murder, you gone keep killin!!
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    still brilliant.
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    Still Thanks!
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    Nobody really knows what the other side is, you have yo version, I got mine. The original poster has stated his opinion on which version was closer to the truth. You see, Idolessworkthanmost, we just look at life through different lenses. I tried to help this guy avoid an ugly situation at work, you tried to convince him HE was the bad guy. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, you gave him da shank! Glad you can see through my sarcasm to see my brilliance! Thanks again.
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    You are saying what I said from off the bat, I'm glad you finally agree with me. No one else "got it". Except the part about the bad guy. what the heck are you talking about?
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    YOU are quick! lol
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    Thanks HSE, this should lighten things up a bit.:happy2: