Historical Hero!


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Major Robert Rogers, who founded Rogers Rangers, which today our ARMY Rangers are based on. I first learned of him from the book: The NorthWest Passage, by Kenneth Roberts.

Excellent read for those interested in history etc...

Here's a link on Rogers.:thumbup1:



No I have not.I take it you mean the original book by Kenneth Roberts.
I read some online reviews and I guess I just never realized what I was missing.I`m going to pick up a copy.I haven't read much at all the last few years since I found the computer.I'll make an effort to change that.


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Yes the original. When I first read it I thought it was fiction, but later they had a documentary on the history channel, and most of it was factual. I think the main character, Langdon Towne is fictional, possibly a spin off of Copley the artist, but eveything about Rogers is largely factual. In modern day terms we would call him a bad a_ _! LOL

Very interesting about the various Indian nations as well. I could read it over and over. That stuff is just interesting to me though. Many colorful characters like Sergeant McKnott, he's alot like Yo Simmity Sam, with his red hair and tantrums etc...It starts kind of slow, as Langdon is explaining his family history in New England, and then his brief stay at Harvard, which leads to his meeting Rogers. That's all I'll say. Let me know if you get a chance to read. There's a cheap version on ebay. lol