Hit a dog while on route.....

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    Pulling away from a res stop on Thursday, I hit the dog that belonged to the people I had just delivered to. Was going maybe 7 MPH, and it ran right in front of me, and my front right wheel clipped him.

    The people at the stop saw it happen & went bat:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:.

    They called the cops, I grabbed the dog & ran it to a Vet that was 4 miles down the road. The dog died.

    I went back to the house & was cited for leaving the scene of an accident. Went back to hub, was told not to drive during investigation of a fatal accident, leaving the scene of an accident, not immediately reporting an accident, and using the package car for personal use. Had to give blood test.

    22 years down the toilet
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    I don't believe it.
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    If it is true there is a heck of alot of info we don't have about this story.
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    I have hit 2 dogs in my 19 years. The first one was a German Shephard who broke his chain. I missed him with the front tires but he wasn't so lucky with the rear. No one was home so I dragged the dog out of the road, put him on the stoop and left a note. Nothing ever came out of it.

    The 2nd dog incident was a bit more involved. It was January so there was snow on the ground. I had backed in to a driveway, made the delivery, and then when I pulled out I felt a bump but thought it was something in the snow. It was--there was a small dog which had crawled under the pkg car while I was making the delivery. When I got back to the bldg there was a state trooper waiting for me. Long story short, I was not charged with an accident but did receive a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident with injury to an animal but was able to get that ticket dismissed. The sticking point was the fact that I had gone in to their driveway--had I stayed on the road it would have been the homeowner's fault for not securing their dog.

    It sounds like you did try to do the right thing by bringing the dog to the vet but, by doing so, you were cited for leaving the scene and using the pkg car for personal reasons, the latter a bs charge as you were trying to do the right thing. We are all told from Day One to immediately report an accident. The blood test is simply part of the investigation.

    I do wish you luck as I am afraid that your worst fears may be realized, although I do hope that they look at your previous 22 years and your actions during this and, if discipline is indeed warranted, they decide to hand down a lesser form of discipline and choose not to terminate you. I would think that a suspension and restitution would be sufficient (unless there is more to the story than you have offered.) I do hope this works out well for you.
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    Now you might need the help of the union....oh that's right, you hate unions. Good luck then.
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    Also if you were a driver you wouldn't be able to post on Friday at 9:50 am and 4:46 pm. I'm starting to smell something rotten.
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    very lucky having a vet so close . grabbing a dog after it got hit your lucky you did not get bit. one thing you said the people whent nutty then you said you took the dog it should be dog knapping. you should have told a fish story. 22 years in company.?
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    Go to PETA to get representation. Im sure they will help you out with your terrible situation.
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    Good Luck to you 20plus I hope it all works out for you. IMPO it was the right thing to try get the dog to the vet asap., but unfortunately not in the laws eyes. As far as the customers that lost there dog I can understand why they went nuts our animals become almost like children to us and I'm sure they were in panic mod at first of coarse with extreme anger.

    Do you have anything else on your record or any prior accidents?

    Good Luck & Best wishes...:peaceful:
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    I know one drive in my center that hit 3 dogs during while working. Well one hit the other 2 ran under the back wheels. He's still driving.
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    I blew off this post thinking this brownmonster wasn't making sense.
    Then I looked at the threadstarters previous posts :

    On Thursday, he posted at 7:09am , which is ordinary
    He posted 6 more times between 9:25 and 10:14am

    No driver (full-time or air) can do that especially on the day he supposedly hit the dog.

    I feel like Encyclopedia Brown now :clap:
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    That will teach ya
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    I'm not sticking up for them, but they did say it happened on Thursday and that they cannot drive during the investigation. Friday was probably the first day of the suspension. Man, I should have been a lawyer!:happy2:

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    He said Thursday so posting this today meant 2 days ago Thursday and he was online at home Thusday morning posting all over the place

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    You may be right.
    I just looked, and this is a 1 week old member with 41 posts already- a lot of activity!
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    I do believe the scenario is plausible. I'm glad I have never ran over or injured a dog. My dad ran over the family dog coming home from work 28 years ago. Thank god I didnt see it, but I'll remember that for the rest of my life.
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    we had a driver that did rual routes,had problems with a dog everyday,he confronted owners who said too bad for you,one day he saw this dog on the road and he smoked it ,thew it in the truck and dumped two miles down the road,problem solved.
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    Dog on leash...my fault. Dog in road...paste.
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    I don't feel sorry for owners of dogs who let them chase vehicals and I would never attempt to pick up an injured dog unless it was my own (even then you would probably be bit). 20 plus could be telling a true story but if he is he did everything wrong. He should of just called the cops and his center and let them handle it. Sounds calous but that's the way it is. The pet owner was the one who should of taken the dog to the vet. I would advise him to get a lawyer because these people will probably sue him for moving their mutt when it was injured:dissapointed: