Hit while parked.

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  1. 1/2waythere

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    In our center we've had a few hit while parked accidents over the last couple month's. The accident's we're totally the pedestrians fault...saw our package car, but made wrong decisions. Thought they could fit in the space (in a big hurry). BUT, our drivers were charged with avoidable accidents. The peds actually acnowleged seeing the pkgcar and made bad decisions. I guess, to me, not everybody is trained to the highest standards as we are....but we are held accountabe for them! BS
    What do you think?
  2. dilligaf

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    Ya, it is BS but that isn't going to change anything. You know what's going to happen if you are hit while parked so you are more aware of your surroundings when parking. If it is safer to park a little farther away then park alittle farther away and walk it off. Don't park a little farther away........ well then you take your chances.
  3. Leftinbuilding

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    You have pedestrians bumping into your cars?
  4. hseofpayne

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    Man, you caught that, too! I thought my Mexican friend Jose Cuervo was making me see things! Takes one heck of a pedestrian to take a parking spot from a UPS car!
  5. Mike Hawk

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    If parking in a parking lot with other cars is "Avoidable" then you should avoid it, park 4 blocks away in a deserted lot and ask your supe what he thinks of that, let him know you need half the stops because you spend half your day walking. All in the name of safety. Safety first, no exceptions.
  6. dilligaf

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    Mike, are you being facetious? :wink2: LOL
  7. outamyway

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    So, if a tree falls on a UPS truck, is it still avoidable?

    I say this because I see many people driving with less sense than a tree.
  8. bellesotico

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    Gosh Dill..If I didn't know any better..I would think you were making fun of me...

    But why would you do that...
  9. soberups

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    All accidents are avoidable---if the driver came to work instead of calling in sick, the accident could have been avoided. There isnt any point in worrying about being "charged" with an accident, whether you are charged or not has nothing to do with logic or common sense. And they wonder why we dont take their stupid Keter audit more seriously.
  10. barnyard

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    We've had 3 hit while parked in the past year. I thought one was avoidable, but all 3 were unavoidable. I don't understand the logic.

    Although, 2 of the drivers said they used their horns when parking and follow ups show that they do routinely use their horns. That has been a big push in our center right now, use your horn when you park at every stop.

  11. scratch

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    Off course if a tree falls on a UPS vehicle it will be the driver's fault. If you had been paying attention using the Five Seeing Habits, you would notice that the tree was dead with no leaves on it and leaning toward the place you are driving to or thinking about parking at. This thought actually crossed my mind yesterday because I noticed a large, dead pine tree leaning over the road I was driving down. You should have also anticipated the direction that the wind is blowing at the time. It is also the driver's fault if a large animal like a deer decides to jump in front the Package Car. You have to expect the unexpected.:bored:
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So we now also have to track the movements of migratory animals?
  13. wannabeups

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    Many years ago while driving my POV a deer practically dove into my headlights. I was younger at the the time. The state police told me, "Son do worry about it." "Hitting a deer is considered an act of God, just as if it was a tornado or earthquake" It does not go against your driving or accident record.
  14. bad company

    bad company semi-pro

    My first and only accident was a hit while parked. Granted I had only been driving for about 4 months, but I swear there was nothing I could have done differently besides missing the stop or not showing up to work to avoid it from happening to ME. My division manager told me...and I quote "Had you been a more experienced driver, you would have been able to anticipate the other vehicle hitting you". So basically....apparently the more years you work at UPS driving, the better you can tell the future?
  15. upsgrunt

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    Of course! By the way, you will have a Lands End delivery on Water street in two weeks. Don't park on the east side of the street because a meteor should hit in that spot at the precise time you will be there to deliver. Also, the back door will be locked, so use the garage code to get in. The consignee will have the code changed back to the original one by that delivery.:happy-very:
  16. New Englander

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    If I ever get a hit while parked that I don't consider my fault. Like I didn't pull in my drivers mirror and it got clipped etc.....

    I would do everything in my power to use the Union to fight it.
  17. upsdude

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    A driver in my center was recently “Hit While Parked” and subsequently charged with an accident. The driver was 2 months shy of 25 years safe driving. He was parked in a parking lot along a curb, car backs up and into the package car. The delivery sup and center manager both sided with the driver. The district safety nazi, I mean manager, said the driver should have parked across the street. The street is a busy 4 lane road.

    The same safety manager as recently as last week accosted a fellow driver for backing into and straddling two parking spaces. He told the driver he should have parked along a curb close by. You can’t win with these folks. I guess the new cost cutting measure is to eliminate any and all safe driving awards, especially the big ones.
  18. browndevil

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    Yes! Maybe they offer crystal balls as safe driving awards:happy2:
  19. 1989

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    If you don't push in your mirror and it gets hit. It is your fault.
  20. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    People need to accept the fact that there is no contractual right to a safe driving award. UPS can and will arbitrarily "charge" you with anything they want, and you have no recourse. Once the number of "charged" incidents reaches a point where actual disciplinary action might take place, then the union can get involved. No one is going to be successfully suspended or terminated for being hit while parked. The Safe Driving Award system used to have some merit, but now it is little more than a lottery for people who get lucky enough not to be "charged" with some ridiculous "accident" that the company deems to be "avoidable" without any regard for logic or common sense.