Holiday driver with transmission question Hartford CT area

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    Thanks for the opportunity to register here.

    A little about me - 30 years driving experience with liquid & dry tankers, flatbeds, vans, dump trailers.

    This week I do a road test to work the Holiday season, then I'm gone. Hope I'm not stepping on too many toes by working this seasonal spike, but money is a little tight for me when the leaves fall.

    My question: Wondering what transmission is widely used in the Hartford / BDL area to pull 28' pups?

    I'm not asking because I'm picky about whatever vehicle(s) are assigned, I only ask so as to do my best during the road test.

    I'm familiar with 60s era twin stick Macks (my early years) through assorted 5, 9 & 10 speeds and Autoshift I & II, but limited experience with 13 & 18 speeds. I was always a local New England states to Philly area fleet driver, never an OO, so never had much time with 13 & 18 speeds, except some limited seat time driving a 13 speed for an OO friend.

    Thanks for your time.
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