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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by mdlz19, May 21, 2009.

  1. mdlz19

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    How have things been in the freight division lately? Does it seem like you guysa re starting to see more stuff coming through the docks with the weather getting nicer? I hear Yellow and Roadway are losing share, wondering if we are picking up any of it on your side of Brown?
  2. bubsdad

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    Freight in Toledo is hiring 18 triples and 20 doubles drivers. I think they are counting on YRC not being able to meet their note. Especially since they just requested bail out money for the pension fund.
  3. mdlz19

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    Anyone out there think their terminal is getting busier? I have heard there is a lot of tonnage moving away from a certain big LTL provider moving to some others really making numbers better. You guys seeing anything?
  4. espy000

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    Our terminal is picking up new accounts and the bills per shift are up. Doing pretty good for the way the economy is right now
  5. mdlz19

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    Any updates guys? You all still pretty busy?
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