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How can you get bumped off a route you successfully bid?
Someone above me their route got changed more than 50% or eliminated or something along those lines. It was a pretty :censored2:ty move by the guy and he pissed a lot of people off when he did it. Someone turned around and did the same thing to him after he’d been on the route like 3 weeks.


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Okay. I heard about that for feeders. But had no idea some supplements/centers allow/execute annual RPCD route re-bids
Local 25 Boston ,, a biannual bid ,, used to be annual , you bid anything your qualified for !
Feeder jobs a bit different , you need to have a CDL and be qualified by a sup to bid
Yes you can get bumped around in feeders .,, if they change a start time or a leg on your bid rte or cut the rte ,. The ball starts rolling and a sr guy can bid it , you cannot bid a feeder job that goes to a. Airport until you acquire a badge from airport security , hope this answers your questions. !!


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Started at 23, day 1 in a P-600. Oct. 1975. Never got laid off.
Got bumped around for 6 years on different routes then got a rural route.
Stayed there 26 years. Walked out the door Oct. of 2007. In one piece.
So far I've collected approx. $660,000 in pension benefits. Thank you Teamsters.
Just don't understand how people don't go to meetings or vote on a contract.