How do the sales people make their money?


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How do the sales people make money on the sales leads that we submit and they get? Is one of the reasons that we are losing business because the sales people take too much out of the sale? Do they get a flat percentage? Are they salaried? What determines how much a shipper will pay to mail a package? I get tired of hearing how expensive UPS is compared to others when the sales person in our center says we are comparable in many areas. If they were really interested in creating more business, perhaps they should put on paper that is easy to understand for everyone what the rates are so that we could give it out to our customers. I just don't have the answers to the questions I get and our sales person never calls them back. Great!


Our Sales Force is Salaried---and with the exception of the National A/E's and the Sales Associates, are on Commission.The commission is tiered so they have to be successful according to their predetermined goals that are set for them.They are expected to keep customers as well as grow the business in their perspective area or zip codes that they are responsible for.

Regarding UPS rates------we are competitive, but the competition can offer huge discounts on the spot and our Sales Force has to do a Marketing Study and turn it in to Marketing and than are given a range of discount.Because our competition has a lower labor cost they can offer much lower rates.If UPS offers rates below its "Cost to Serve" than we face lawsuits from our competitors for Predatory Pricing


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Thanks for the answer. I guess I won't get too angry with the sales guy. I sure wish Atlanta would wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to sales. And service. It's a no-brainer to me. I am glad that I'm close to retirement. The future at UPS is not the rosy one it once was.


We have a great sales rep.He browns up and rides with a different driver one day every week.He`s helpful too,and
often brings a diad if theres a spare,and does a few stops.
Buys a good lunch,really seems to respect our problems,
and tries to fix them.He`s a rarity I`m sure.


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What a great idea! Maybe a little naive on my part, but if the sales person rode with the driver and helped with sales leads..... And you are soooooo..... lucky to have a good sales rep. We never see or hear from ours. Kinda like the Teamster business agents.:crying: