How does UPS insurance work currently?

Discussion in 'Health and Medical Topics' started by Lionsblood24, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Just got re-hired yesterday (2 years prior) as a preload package handler, and can't really remember the way UPS insurance worked. There's also some striking and union issues that might have changed the game recently, or will soon. Does anyone know the time frame when dental, vision, and health insurance kicks in for PT, and if the plans are any good.

    I'm graduating this Fall and the benefits sound good enough to stick around for a good while longer. I'm a web designer, and doing that contract and this on the side for benefits might be a winning combo and come out to about 40 hours a week and a living.
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    I share the same question... I am also a re hire since mid April, positioned as a PT package handler...however I haven't heard anything from management or a union rep about health benefits. When does it kick in??? Who do I make such inquires to? Management or union rep?
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    18 months after your last hire date.

    ​The new contract, which may not be approved by 18 months, is less time until covered.