How many full time drivers does your center owe you?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jumpman23, Jul 24, 2013.

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    So i was getting ready to punch out at 745 tonight and there was like 5 drivers in there along with the steward. We all got talking and hes always :censored2: at these numbnutts for doing shady stuff anyway. 1 driver asked him how many drivers they owed us after they put 7 on this year. They havent put any fulltime drivers on in probably 3 years at the least give or take a year. He said they they owed us 29 drivers in like maybe a 6 to 10 year span approximately. I swear to god im not making this up im on the up and up about it. He said now they owe us 22. This is pretty crazy if you ask me. Anyway hit it back yall.
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    Can you expound on the meaning of owe and the circumstances in which UPS would owe?
    ​I seriously don't understand.
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    Thats how many driver positions have been vacated by retirement,discharged or by people quitting. We had 92 drivers approximately at one time and now its like 72 or so approximately.
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    ​Gotcha ... y'all take IOUs?
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    Since we hit our peak number of drivers 4 years ago or so we have lost at least 15 for various reasons. We have hired maybe 5.

    Volume is not down the town is expanding as fast as it was pre recession. Over 10% of our summer workforce is seasonal. They will absolutely slam us for sept and oct. then hire an ass load of seasonals for peak.
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    Lol. IOUs will be in a future contract. Article _section _ "The company is allowed 5 IOUs for each local, each year of the contract."
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    Love the OT. Keep it coming!
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    You will need to find the ratios of fulltime drivers and daily average routes from 1997 it will be in the cover driver section of the contract not the ratios but the rules. The ratios will be provided by ups. Find that % of full-time utility drivers and it will apply now. If the center uses COVER drivers you can force them to hire full-time drivers based off of that 97 #.
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    We have put on 11 since March
  10. We've had 12-14 vacated spots since '07. They've hired one.
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    Why should they hire full time drivers that will eventually earn $30+ an hour when they can hire 2 part time guys at half the price for utility? They are not going to do it. We have 2 guys that are gone most of the year into feeders. These drivers do us no good yet they count against us on the driver list. UPS will not hire full time drivers to help us out but they have hired 4 utility drivers, 2 of which have quit because "it isn't what they thought it was going to be". Yah, buddy, we actually do some work.
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    Are you talking about full-time utility drivers or cover drivers? If they are using Cover drivers and they are out of the parameters of the cover driver language then they have to hire full-time drivers. If they use air drivers to deliver ground then they are out of the article 40 language. Also if more people put their name on the 9.5 list then they will have to add routes thus changing the the ratios of utility drivers that they must maintain or be forced to pay backpay and retro seniority and benies. It is a process start now with max vactions the chance they are out of compliance is likely.
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    I'll be glad when the Supplements are settled and the Master Contract goes into effect because in The Southern Supplement Cover Drivers will need only 150 reports in a year to automatically be promoted to Full Time. The Company will no longer be able to block Full Time jobs as they have for the last 5 years
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    Now that is GREAT LANGUAGE!! That is something that should be in every contract. Also need to get rid of the seasonal drivers period!! The company abuses it and the guys that do it!!
  15. Brownslave688

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    Need to get rid of summer seasonal. We have to have some Xmas seasonal just the way it is.
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    Smart ass

    I've made up my mind. I'm voting for you over Cach. Sorry Cach
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    They can be shady all they want ill go to the bank to the tune of 90k on dat behind lol. Same pace all day ebery day lol.
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    My center had 48 drivers. We lost 10 to 15 drivers. We now have 48 drivers. That's because we have been filing 9.5 grievances in my center and all of them went to the national panel. Twice!! That's how you replenish the ranks. Hell the BC's said they might even hire more if we go back to another panel.
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    Get everyone to opt in on 9.5. They either have staffing, or they don't. If the cant get it, it's more money in everyone's pockets.
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    That's what we said. If they where going to f%#* us. They where going to pay. What hits them hard is when they go to a national panel. 9.5s come out of local managements bonuses. If they are ok with that. They will just keep cutting routes to keep ATL happy, but when they go to a national panel labor gets involved. That's when you get results. You have to have a local that has the balls to do it too.