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    Integrity is very concerned with the disparity of the level of safety that is provided by UPS Corporate Automotive to UPS employees in the cab area of the UPS Package Cars.

    Package Car Drivers are the ones mainly effected by this disparity, but it also effects management employees who may drive or ride the jump seat in an older UPS Package Car.

    A Corporate decision to not upgrade the driver's seat, the driver's seat belt, and the jump seat backrest on older UPS Package Cars with more modern safer accessories, like the ones in the newer UPS Package Cars, when it is possible to do so, is just not right.

    Using the excuse that the UPS Package Cars cannot be modified for liability purposes is a very weak excuse. Let's be reasonable here, installing a shoulder harness seat belt, changing the driver's seat, and installing a cushion backrest for the jump seat can hardly be considered modifications to the vehicle.

    Why should some drivers or passengers be put in jeopardy of having their heads slammed into the bulkhead wall, while others have high back seats or cusioned backrests? Why should some drivers be afforded the safety of shoulder harness seat belts while others are provided lap belts only? Everyone knows that shoulder harness seatbelts are the modern standard for safety .

    This may not be a concern of yours, but it is a concern of mine. I am not sure how I am going to pursue this concern yet, but as soon as I do I will post it in the blogs.

    While I am formulating my plan. I welcome any and all constructive discussion about this issue. You are free to agree.

    I also expect to hear the usual responses from the usual sources and I welcome that too. You are certainly free to disagree.

  2. Blizzard

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    I think someone may have already raised the point. Are you deliberately chasing issues you know you can't get fixed?
  3. Integrity

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    Absolutely not!
    If you would, please reference the posts or threads where this has been brought up? I know I have been involved in some discussions about this in the past and I do know the seat belt issue is very important to at least one member of the Brown Cafe, but I would like to review any past discussion threads that you may know about. It may be helpful to me.
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    When I was a Driver Helper, I normally had a newer, safer truck with my regular driver.

    Needless to say I did not like when I got stuck with other drivers with inferior trucks. I spent my whole shift worrying that my shoulder blades were going to end up slamming into the bulkhead if a driving irregularity was encountered. It is ridiculous that the Company will not at the very least add backrests, if they can't add shoulder belts. I know this will sound whiny, but it is also uncomfortable to have one's back sitting against cold steel in below zero weather.

    Another point to add is, the younger, less experienced drivers are more likely to have the older, inferior equipment. When I was with my regular driver, I trusted his driving. Other drivers, not as much. Especially seeing as how Driver Helpers operate in WINTER.
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    Please do not dissuade a true knight from his mission.
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    I'm with you, I.
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    The true Knights were basically the thugs of their age. Probably want to try another analogy <sic>.
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    Hoaxster ,now all those childhood thoughts of chivalry and nobility are dashed upon the rocks.:sad-very:
    Surely you are not implying that Integrity has anything but admirable intentions.
    It could be that his quest to find the holy grail hidden somewhere in a forever bag may be in vain.
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    Get this they don't care we are all numbers if you cease to exsist its a plus to them its all a #######################.
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    If we had not struck the company in 1997, lap belts would be a thing of the past. There is a subtle message to teamsters who have to use a lap belt every day.
    Also ending in post 97 was rain gear and company sponsored family picnics that encompassed an entire weekend.
    Safety in not an issue. It's all about goodwill, or lack of.
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    Excellent! I've been looking forward to Integritys next mission.
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    Me too! He's so polite.
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    Give em hell I!!!!!!!!!! Do not take no for an answer! We can win this one!!!!!!
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    Treats everyone with respect too....!
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    Didn't take long.:surprised:
  16. Insincerity

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    The real I will speak!
    I have been silent too long while false I's have been presnting themselves to you.

    There was no decision one way or the other - it was never considered.

    There are false I's presenting themselves as your saviour. Be forewarned that these soothsayers will lead you down the path of deceit.

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    Oh No!!!!! It's the anti- I !!!!!!!!
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    No. Not the Anti-I but the true I.
    You must make a choice which one to believe and that choice must be made on which I you think is "holier than though".

    Which I do you select to represent you with powers above? Which I will be able to make UPS change their ways? Be warned, make your choice carefully.
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    Really? I`m a over 20 year driver with an old pkg. car with a lap belt while less senior drivers have automatics with the whole safety 9 yards..............:biting:
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    we're saved from the rogue knight