I got bored and took apart my board

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    Nothing to do during lunch and I just happened to have a Phillips-head screwdriver handy. One idle mind, one idle DIAD and one idle screwdriver added up to no good. I made some interesting discoveries. Why does it have 5 of these?diad3.jpg Surely only 1 is needed and the other 4 are redundant. At $45 each, $180 per DIAD COULD BE SAVED!

    These cost $90! diad2.jpgWhy are there 7? That's another potential for a $540 savings per unit!

    What are these for?diad6.JPG They don't do anything! More money wasted.

    I could also tell it was made in Mexico. There were two of these inside.diad9.jpg They were stale but still tasty. Ummm Ummm!

    I put it all back together and had parts left over.diad5.JPG I gave them to the FedEx ground driver. He was very appreciative.

  2. Send it to India to get it fixed
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    my center could use those spare parts, our boards fail everyday.
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    Probably worked better!
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