I guess amazon is upgrading ?

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  1. Whither

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    Let's say UPS wasn't already unionized. I doubt we would be able to organize it today. Do you think otherwise? When's the last time a large employer in the US was successfully forced to recognize/accept a union?

    In organizing, success hinges on the readiness/willingness of the workers involved. It seems that's mostly disappeared since the late 60s-early 70s.
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    One of the many (turnover is high) Amazon drivers on my route left this during a storm the other day. He was running diagonally through yards. Dreads flapping in the wind. Holding up his sagging track pants with one hand and the packages with another. Parked illegally at every other stop. But never once used a DR bag.

  3. BigUnionGuy

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    When I read people criticizing the IBT for not trying to organize in our "core

    industry's" I just laugh. They obviously have never worked on a campaign.

    To be successful takes a lot of time, money, member volunteers, and a very motivated

    work group. You just don't stand outside the front gate and hand out cards.

    Not to mention, all the paid "captive audience" meetings the employer will hold

    with anti-Union lawyers spewing all the evils of being Unionized.
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    those drivers never was supplied with weather bags & even hand trucks/ 2 wheelers since their inception into the game

    Weather Bags do you use them?

  5. Whither

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    Yes. My point is: the more an organizing campaign must struggle to 'lead the horse to water', the less likely the horse will drink. No organizing savvy can manufacture the desire among workers to take the risks necessary to win a better livelihood and better work conditions.
  6. BigUnionGuy

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    That's a very astute observation.... and I totally agree.

    Cherry picking smaller "motivated" groups is more cost effective.

    When a Local spends the members dues money, there is a fiduciary responsibility.
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    What's so LOL.... about that ?
  9. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Amazon has the right to terminate contracts with DSP that try to organize.
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    I disagree. If we were treated the same way as we are now I believe the union could organize us. Unlike FedEx Express the union could organize a building at a time and being that we are not contractors like FedEx ground it would be more difficult for UPS to just close up shop and start again.

    Would it be easy? No
    Would it take a long time? Yes

    I believe it could be done. It would be a very long fight but I believe it would be do able.
  11. 542thruNthru

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    No they don't. Not for just organizing. That would be illegal.
  12. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    They actually do.
    These Amazon DSPs are 3rd party contractors.

    Amazon can terminate contracts at any time for any reason.
    The employees of the DSP are basically subcontractors.
    The DSP has little control over what goes on. They basically do what Amazon tells them.

    Amazon won't actually say it is because of attempted Union organizating.

    They will come up with a reason within the law and nothing can be done about it.
  13. Redtag

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    Conditioned response from many years of right wing anti union propaganda