I Just Filed My First Grievance

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by StanTheMan, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. StanTheMan

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    hi guys, i just file my first grievance and wanted to know what im in for. once all the paperwork goes through, is it like a trial or something? will all members of management be there with my steward?

    i filed because i have 6 months of seniority and have asked to be moved to the preload and they keep me unloading trailers. everyday, when someone from the preload calls in sick, they move an employee with less seniority than me to replace them for the day. my supervisors say that they 'want me to prove myself' unloading trailers and then when they feel like i've done a good job, then they'll use me in the preload. i talked to the center of management and he said the same thing. so i filed.

    my shop steward doesn't really like me though, he says hi to people except me and when i say hi, he ignores me. is this going to be a problem?

    how should i dress when i go? should i bring a lawyer? what should i expect? if i lose, can i file again? what happens if i lose? will i get fired?

    do you think ill lose?
  2. cachsux

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    Usually for something like this the steward will go,or should go, to the company and present the grievance. In most cases they try to correct the matter with the imediate mgmt team before proceeding further. This cuts down on time and money expended when something can be worked out. If mgmt disputes it then it will be,or should be,filed at the local and will proceed from there.
    99.9 % of the time you will not even speak to mgmt,you cannot be disciplined on a legitimate grievance,if your steward has a beef with you you can file with another one.
    This is a simple grievance,probably the one that gets filed the most,and the one that is won the most.
  3. StanTheMan

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    i made this post as soon as i got home and an hour later i got a call from the union rep(guy at the union office that gave me the paper). he said that he called the center manager and talked to him and that he will try to get me into the preload.

    the supervisors had a problem with me taking 10 min bathroom breaks a while back, but lately i have cut them down to 5. they are punishing me for taking bathrooms breaks. could this cause me to lose? are they actually allowed to hold me back because of this or is it just something that they are trying to use to keep me unloading trailors. i am the only person that can unload trailors in an hour, everyone else takes 80 minutes or more, and that's the real reason they want me to unload trailors.
  4. cachsux

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    could this cause me to lose? NO.

    i am the only person that can unload trailors in an hour, everyone else takes 80 minutes or more, and that's the real reason they want me to unload trailors.[/quote]
    BINGO :thumbup1:
  5. StanTheMan

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    BINGO :thumbup1:[/QUOTE]

    what about the bathroom breaks? can they hold me back because of that or are they just trying to trick me into unloading more trailors?
  6. trickpony1

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    See what happens when you do the very best job you can do?..........the company expects more and more and then "screws" with you when you suddenly wake up and realize you're being taken advantage of.

    Did you learn anything? Probably not.

    Makes me want to go to work and really bust my "rear" :lol: :lol:
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    when i first got to work today, the main supervisor said that he wanted to talk to me, he said "obviously you aren't understanding what we want out of you. we want you to prove yourself and then we will move you to the preload. you cant just go file a grievance before talking to us. your going to lose. your not going to be in the preload any time soon. im just letting you know, your going to lose."

    the thing is, i DID talk to him about it and i even gave it to him TWO times in writing.

    he also said something about an incident that happened earlier that week and that one of my fellow union brothers backs up what a supervisor said. a different supervisor was claiming that i was sitting and not doing anything for 10 minutes. can they get me on anything?

    the whole day, he seemed so p***ed at me. he wasn't giving me anymore of those little cocky smiles that he normally gives me. i kept smiling at him and he looked so p***ed off. did i get him in trouble for filing a grievance? someone said that since i filed, he lost his bonus. is this true?

    will i really be stuck in the wrath of hell/unload?(which i really dont mind...i do like the workout i get)

    how is this going to turn out?
  8. tieguy

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    not good. Not good at all.
  9. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    (I don't have to do anything more to prove my point then to continue being a positive poster here while you three attack me for not being disgruntled like you folks. Every post you make speaks on your three extremely negative outlook on life. TIEGUY)

    Hey,Thanks for another positive post. A truer leader has never spoken.:thumbup1:
  10. canon

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    The worst will be you lose and stay in unload. Management trying to get you to withdraw the grievance is indicative of them knowing they might lose. You've already said your steward is involved, there's no reason management wouldn't work thru him/her. They're trying to get you to drop it before they have to honor the outcome.

    And before you think your steward might not work for you simply because you two don't get along, most good stewards know they have to remove personal bias from the situation so they don't establish something known as "past practice" which will be harmful to those they do like. The outcome will be known to the shop, and if he intentionally throws you under the bus others will have to live with that precedence. I'm willing to bet there is already a past practice which accomodates your request, or the steward would would have told you to forget it.

    Remain respectful to both... it's just a grievance. Have to agree with cachsux on the point about them not wanting to lose a good worker.

    If you lose, you won't be the first at ups to do so. I think past practice will prevail and you'll be saying goodbye to those trailers in a short period of time. Do your job safely and don't sweat it.
  11. Channahon

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    Maybe I shouldn't ask - but taking 10 minute bathroom breaks? Now 5 minutes? Do you have some medical condition? Being around on only 6 months, taking 10 minute bathroom breaks, being observed by another supervisor not doing anything and the steward doesn't like you?
    Are you sure UPS is the right place for you?
  12. StanTheMan

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    actually, i just found out today, that he goes out and drinks with them and whatnot. THAT is why is such a ****ty steward. is he actually allowed to do this? should i hire a private investigor?

    not only that, i now realize that the supervisor was trying to itimidate me witht he 'standing around for 10 minutes' just to keep me from following through witht he greivence.

    btw, i DIDN'T stand around for 10 minutes, IT IS A COMPLETE LIE. and it seriously suprises me how corupt this place is.

    i also found out today, that the former shop steward is currently in a lawsuit with ups or something. i was told that he was a good steward and was constantly harassed.

    is it like this at every hub?
  13. RockyRogue

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    Some hubs are. My last hub...I know there were stewards around but I don't recall talking to one. My current hub...I work on the same area as one of just two stewards and I don't like him very much. Some hubs are just screwy. Sounds like yours is one of them, Stan.
  14. Channahon

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    Are you for real? Hire a private investigator for what? UPS is corrupt in what way? Have you ever had a job before?
  15. StanTheMan

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    no sir.

    i have added in my share of corruption to the hub im multiple ways that....id....rather not list.
  16. BCFan

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    mngmt has no freaking right to EVEN talk to you once you have filed the grievance its out of your hands and also a violation of the contract BC
  17. DS

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    whats up with you man...
    hire a lawyer...a private investigator?
    sounds like you have an attitude problem
    and I agree with tie
    UPS frowns on corruption :mad:
    Maybe youd be better off at Home Depot
  18. canon

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    Longevity isn't an issue, so I don't see the need to sweat what difference it would make if you win or lose the grievance anymore.

    I know it's hard to see that far down the road, but you're sitting on an opportunity that will eventually pay more than a lot of college grads see. By the time that means something to you, the decision you make today will have been a life changing one. I hope you make the right choice.
  19. StanTheMan

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    today i was told that in 1 to 2 weeks when this one guy leaves, that they are going to give me a shot at his loading his trucks. AND, p****** was a complete b**** to me in front of a supervisor and several employees. i have a feeling that she isn't gonig to be around much longer. first, everytime i asked her a question, she completely ignored me and there was always another different employee that witnessed it and they looked at her like she was crazy. then the head supervisor told me to go help this girl(who p****** was helping) load one of her trucks. a different supervisor, we'll call b***, went with me and said to p****** "i have a helper for you", p****** immediatly said "i dont want him to help me, send him somewhere else", and then b*** said "'the head supervisor' wanted him to help you here" to which p****** said "you work with him then!" in a b****y voice, to which b*** replied in a nice voice "okay". then b*** asked her a little bit about the truck and p****** got :censored2: and said "fine! ill work with him BUT you have to stay and watch". then when we worked together, she kept saying how i wasn't very good at what i was doing and was just plain rude when b*** watched.

    BOO YAH!
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  20. tieguy

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    Not sure what point you're trying to make here. I gave an honest evaluation of what I thought of this situation. If I had given a positive answer you would have tried to slam me for that. I realize slamming the management person is an exciting event you are too scared to try at work but when you do try to make just a little bit of sense.

    on a more postiive note thanks for starting my fan club.
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