I just won a driver bid...what to expect?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mainebrown, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. mainebrown

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    Hey i just won a driving bid and passed the driving test, dot physical and so on. I am going to driving school sept 17, and start driving the 24th. i understand i'll need to prove myself for the first 30 days, how tough is it? can anybody give me some hints and tips on making the job easier? thanks...if theres anything else please post it on here.

  2. Upslady20

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    My tip is to learn the methods you are taught and keep doing them the right way. Do not get lazy and try to take short cuts. Someday when you are a senior driver and they are keeping an eye on you those methods will save your job for you. Carry with you water and motrin to help your body as you adjust to this line of work. Also some granola bars are good to have with you for snacks when you get hungry before or after lunch and they won't slow you down. Also I have been told there is a lot of memorization at driving school now and you might want to go ahead and get everything in your head before you start. Good luck:thumbup1:
  3. Golfnut54481

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    Don't panic or get stressed out while working...this will make matters worse. Just remember, one stop at a time. Worst thing you can do is to panic....The day will end eventually.....
  4. helenofcalifornia

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    For God's sake, wear your seat belt ALL the time and keep your bulkhead door shut. They film the newbies in my area when they are least suspecting. Be prepared to feel like a truck hit you the first week. Your body will hurt. And you will feel like an idiot, but we all do. After a month or so, you will be a pro. Good luck!
  5. browned_out

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    :tongue_sm Stay away from these bad habits: Running, Skipping your lunches and breaks, not wearing your seatbelt, bulk head door open while driving. Other than that, be safe and wear good work boots not sneakers. They (supervisors) will try and push you real hard for 30 days, just work safe and follow the simple rules above. Good Luck!
  6. mainebrown

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    i am worried about the first 30 days, how tough are they in passing the driver??...is it as hard as what people say it is?...i'm moving to a place where i have no clue what the streets are...am i doomed? haha, what does the average day consist of? like delivery first, then pick ups?...i just need to know more about the job. it pays really great so i'm doing it!
  7. Harley Rider

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    Doesn't really matter if you know the streets or not. I have run many routes blind before with only a map and sometimes not even that. You should have a supervisor with you to start out anyway. Just pay attention to the trace he runs.

    Just some advice to you. Don't get discouraged if things aren't going well when you start by yourself. Concentrate on one stop at a time. It can be overwhelming to look in your car and see all the packages. It is not a sprint...... its a marathon. I know for me things seemed so confusing for awhile. The stuff we take for granted now such as parking, setting the brake, pulling the key, and opening the bulkhead door are things you will have to think about until it is routine. One day it will all just come together. Its almost as if a light bulb comes on and everything seems so easy. Then you just have to deal with the backbreaking work load all the time! :lol:
  8. The Brown Santa

    The Brown Santa Ping Pong Ball

    Don't get hurt, don't get into an accident...good luck
  9. brownmonster

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    Your body will hurt. And you will feel like an idiot. That sums up my day abd I've been doing it for 19 years.
  10. faded jeans

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    A large part of this job is time management. Your first concern will be time commit pkgs. EAMS and NDA. Then you will focus on business stops before time to start pickups. Do not miss a pickup. Far worse to have a missed PU than a missed pkg. Our pickups are the only reason we will still be in business tomorrow. After your pickups you will clean up any remaining res. stops and get your letter boxes if you have any. Then get back to the center in time for the NDA trailer to pull. Then repeat this process for the next 7,830 working days. Good luck.
  11. chopstic

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    DANG! full-time driving sounds a bit tough,maybe stressful, I was thinking of putting my name on the "full-time-driver" list, but I'm thinking now I'll just stick with E.A.M. driving in the mornings.
  12. helenofcalifornia

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    Now would you want to stay EAM driving when you could go full time??? EAM must have been just as stressful when you started that. But good point about missing a PU account. DON'T! And don't be late with your next day air in the morning either. In two months, you will be wondering how it ever seemed so stressful.
  13. satellitedriver

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    Everyone on this board will be on your side, or should be, and give you some reasonable advice.
    The question you asked was, "how tough is it?"
    The real question you should ask of yourself is, "How tough am I?"
    I am not being negative, just realistic.
    I have been driving for 21yrs and prospered.
    Listen and practice what they tell you to do.
    Hang Tuff and best of Luck.
  14. DS

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    like harley said...over time the driving becomes secondary,the way to survive is one stop at a time,with what ups calls"a sense of urgency",
    no big deal man,just relax,and when things get impossible,call for help.
    Dont have any accidents,dont give anyone the finger,and try to be efficent in your prouctivity by multi tasking.IE...you are driving by a resi with a sig req pkg and you see them in the driveway,deliver it then,instead of later.Common sense,and the methods will see you through.
  15. filthpig

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    Rules to live by:
    1) Take your lunch on the road!
    2) Pay attention to the road!
    3) Do what you're told! File a grievance if you're being mistreated, but do what you're told or you'll get fired.
    4) Scan everything and call in missed pieces! You'll get fired if you don't.
    5) Don't run!
    6) Make time at the stop, not on the road.
    7) The dog that doesn't bark is usually the one who gets you.
    8) Eat light in the summer or you'll see it again.
    9) Drink water, not coke.
    10) Worry about the next 3 feet of work on the shelf and nothing else. If you keep looking over your shoulder at all that crap you'll go crazy.
    11) Some days just suck. Live with it.
    12) I'm not saying to give them money, but be cool with any bums on your route. This way you're a little less likely to get your ass beat in an alley or parking lot.
    13) If it can come back and bite you in the ass it will. So keep it covered. This is probably the most important thing to remember.
  16. atatbl

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    So, how is the driving going?

    Just curious.
  17. rocket man

    rocket man Well-Known Member

    good luck I dont no how they are putting on new drivers with so many of our brothers and sisters layed off? CAN SOME ONE TELL ME....?
  18. rocket man

    rocket man Well-Known Member

    ONE MORE REPLY.TO all the drivers who posted on this I want to say thanks im a full time driver and you guys just gave me a shot in the arm reminding me of the things i started doing wrong . thanks for the wake up call. I Mean it TO the new driver who started this post from now to the time you retire brown out get hurt what ever they will always be watching. over the years , i wish i rembered the advise im giving you. good luck .but its hard to say we really do have a lot of people layed off.document everything get a calender every night on that day put in route start finish time late airs if any ect it takes 3 minutes a day its worth it. a year from now you look at your calender i havent done that route in a year ect ect ect. good luck
  19. atatbl

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    Glad to see you back rocket. Thought you had left after your altercation with UpstateNY.
  20. UPSGUY72

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    hey I'm going into my third week of my 30 day probation period. What I have learned so far is.

    1. Try to learn as many methods as you can while you starting out they save you time.

    2. If you have to run your doing something wrong.

    3. Take your time and plan your next couple of stops, going back because you missed one costs you alot of time.

    4. Some days really suck but there is alway tomorrow.

    5. You'll learn from your mistakes and get alot more efficient at everything so don't worry about how slow you are the first couple of days. Just take you time and Don't get into an accident or hurt.