I just won a driver bid...what to expect?


cannot wait till i become a driver , oi have been with UPS for 9 month now and here in Redmond we have a big hub, i don't know how long it takes to become a driver, or is it worth the wait at all?
:tongue_sm Stay away from these bad habits: Running, Skipping your lunches and breaks, not wearing your seatbelt, bulk head door open while driving. Other than that, be safe and wear good work boots not sneakers. They (supervisors) will try and push you real hard for 30 days, just work safe and follow the simple rules above. Good Luck!

I shouldn't say this, as I understand the high priority of delivery during peak season, but when I was a driver helper last year, my driver asked me to run at every stop. So "not" running is definitely something I can't relate to, lol.


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Best advice I could give you new drivers is this...as well as learning the methods, your start and stop routine will make all the difference in the world. If you have pas/edd in your building, it's really much easier to do. Just look at the board, and your next stop is in there (if you have a good trace...) if you're in a building without, know your next 5 five stops...or at least your next stop and have it entered in the board before you get in the truck...by the end of your 2nd day, you should be able to have your addy in the board as your walking to your truck, get in, stow your board, and this is really important, learning to buckle, while starting the car and releasing your e brake in quick fluid motions, less than 3 seconds I would think is a good goal. The addresses and pickups and stuff you'll learn with repetition. Good luck!

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Follow the methods regardless of how the sup tries to train you. I had to unlearn all the bad habits like closing the bulkhead door, packages in the cab and key in the bulkhead door. Many sups only care about speed & not at all about your safety. Do it the right way from the start it can be done as quickly while doing it the right way.

Get county maps and write down number breaks on the roads and streets as you are trained in different areas. They will help you a lot when you cover different areas almost everyday after you qualify.