I know another Amazon thread

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    Fashionista's I see huh....
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    I just hope we plan accordingly. It's kind of amazing what they're doing
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    Too much at one time. Without the actual profit to budget it all at once. No we don't, we need to plan accordingly to counteract and reflect their logistic and delivery plans.
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    My wife works for a worldwide high end luxury designer in a very high role.

    They've "known" about this for awhile.

    They're not worried in the least. Even Wal-mart produces its own fashion label.

    Amazon won't be putting any of the big name fashion labels out of business.
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    I know, another Amazon thread.
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    I swear some of you think Amazon is going to be the only company in the world soon.
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    I read an article on that.
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    In play girl?
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    With pickles involved.