I know yet another ORION thread but just my 2 cents

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    I just took over a route a month ago that had ORION implemented 4 days before I came along. I came from a metro center "wiring up" for ORION to a suburban center about 47% implemented. Holy crap what a mess for some of these guys. Most on the other side don't even follow it at all, but I sort of lucked out since my current route's EDD was set up properly.

    When I switch from RDO to ODO it's not too much different but the trace everyday makes NO sense. Everyday I run my air backwards and I usually beat the miles, and when my sup says something to me either being an hour paid over and under 90% trace (I see 85% on here all the time and I assume my center manager wants 90% to boost their ego to climb the ladder); I laugh and walk away. The prior driver also ran their lunch and "took it at the end of the day", so needless to say when my OCS took me out and I said at 1300 "time for lunch" they were thinking "Oh no"...

    ORION doesn't work my lunch in when I take it (which is around 1300-1315 everyday no matter what), nor do I agree with all the unnecessary backs it makes me do. Since my center manager msged me to reduce my backs, I did by simply walking way more stuff off. I take the safest way to the next stop in all my resis and avoid backing as much as I can. The route went from 190-200 stops (not including pick ups) with the prior driver to about 155 to 165 with me on it. I work safe, follow every method, and take my breaks and lunch contractually and am on the 9.5 list.

    I've read all the horror stories with ORION and I definitely see it now; but I've done OK with it (OK by cutting the route down everyday).
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    All you can do is your best. I'm 9.5 in Northern Cali, and I don't trip on ORION. Had a 1 day ride. Worked good. As the whole route came online, it got squirrelly. Air on time, attempt everything, don't miss pickups. Keep it simple.
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    Same here. Of course my orion wants me taking lunch around 1030. And an hour and a half at that. Lots of bugs they refuse to fix.
  4. Wally

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    Fix your RDO first. It helps Orion a lot, especially those out of order stops like driveways on another street.