IBT voting...secret ballot?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by iruhnman630, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. iruhnman630

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    Why not limit voting to the union halls?

    The envelope says your vote will not be counted if the name and address is erased, while the ballot sleeve promises 'No one will know how you voted.'

    The only way to truly guarantee a secret ballot is for the voter and only the voter to control the ballot from the casting of the vote to the counting.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The union hall for Local 687 is in Potsdam, NY, which is 90 minutes from where I live and much further than that from where menotyou lives.

    If we can't get people to vote when everything is done for them, how many do you think will vote if they have to drive 90 minutes or further to do so?
  3. menotyou

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    Depending on traffic, upwards of 2 hours. They cater to you and, if you still choose not to vote, who should you blame?
    Look in the mirror. I would hand deliver mine to Hoffa with Popes name on it, if I could. I would want to look him in the eye and have him know he isn't fooling me, any more.
  4. Inthegame

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    Every ballot is opened in full view of observers designated by the candidates. For anyone who hasn't been on Election committees, please attend your next local union election. You will see how "clean" these elections are conducted. Checking eligibility (the reason your name is on the outer envelope) and opening the secret ballot are the most time consuming aspects of the process which is most likely why the election officer has decided to use the sleeve rather than an envelope. All ballots are seperated from the outer envelope so no one knows how anyone votes. With all the eyes on this election it is highly unlikely any impropriety takes place.
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    Sandy Pope ?
    Really ?
  6. menotyou

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    Who else?
  7. TheKid

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    Why isn't she running with a slate ?
  8. The Other Side

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    There are many reasons for a secret ballot system. First, there is eligibility issues. All ballots are scanned in and checked for eligibility. Second, ballots are inspected by an outside party to insure they are filled out correctly and neither candidate or their agents can make alterations. Ballots are then counted and recounted. Challenges are then placed against some ballots for many reasons and if those reasons can be sunstantiated, those ballots disqualified.

    A final count is done and the third party agency CERTIFIES the election results.

    This cant be done at the local level. There is no way to insure accuracy. One party ( the administration in charge) would have to oversee the election and that opens everything up to accusations.

    A third party eliminates this problem.

  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    TOS, any idea how much the election costs?
  10. The Other Side

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    Not on a national level.

  11. moreluck

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    Your answer 'implies' that you would know the local level election costs..........well?
  12. wkmac

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    And what dog do you even have in this fight?
  13. moreluck

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    Someone should answer yes or no and not be cute with their answers....as in post #10. A simple no would suffice. I'll call out posing wherever I see it.....even if it is under a union thread.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    TOS was respondng to my question about the cost of a national election. I was satisfied with his answer. wkmac has a point.
  15. moreluck

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    Any idea how much the election costs ?....was your question.
    Not on a national level..... was the answer. A simple 'no' would do, but using that phrase implies something to any logical thinking person. But if your satisfied that's OK to just settle.
  16. Kevin211

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    i was told a local election cost the local union about 20,000, seems a bit high if you ask me
  17. 705red

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    The cost of a local election has varying factors, membership is the main one. It costs to mail out the ballots, it costs to post election info at buildings, the elcetion judge has costs, a bigger locla needs more more people to count and verify the ballots compared to a smaller local, etc.

    TOS probably has been through these costs as they have said they have been an officer of a local. No reason to doubt TOS.