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    Fred and the US Postal Service
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    OK, OK, I'll stop posting rebuttals to rants. They're much more entertaining.
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    We should have "look what I saw on the route today!" or good past out of the ordinary makes this job bearable type of things. True to my route over the years examples: I cant name how many times I delivered to a house and find they somehow left the keys in the door to lock it but then left without them. I like to hang the ISR tag on the keys. Who keeps their car keys and house keys seperate?? Swear its happened a dozen times. Or people answering the door naked, holding a bong, Drunk, or some other weird thing. One time had a lady answer the door, go "you scared me! I thought you were My husband, then kiss a guy quick and send him out the door....
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    I like your idea.
    Two weeks ago I go to a door where the screen door was closed but, the main door wide open. It was a really hot day and I'm on my 2nd attmpt to get a ISR laptop off (so, they should've sort of been expecting me). Any way I call out "fedex" into the open door and the lady jumps off the couch and comes to the door. I can tell and she says "I'm in my underwear" (w/a t-shirt covering everything) I say "don't worry, I see this all the time"

    I try to keep my eyes on her eyes while she's signing and I'm handing the laptop over. I also notice in the room a small, young girl who was buck naked on the couch. Anything to stay cool.


    It's rarely the ones you want to see nekkid, that you SEE nekkid...
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    I'll second that. Put it on...please!
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    Last week I'm delivering a verizon package ISR to an apartment. It's a lousy area of the city, so like people always do in that area, she yells "Who is it?". I say fedex, she opens the door buck naked, must have weighed at least 275! I wanted to hurl, and I'm looking up so I don't have to look at here!! Yikes, have people no shame!! LOL
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    One time (est. 7 years) ago, I was returning from my last pu on a Sat. on my side there were 3 (college-age) girls looking at me in a convertible. While I am not quite the "movie star", I looked away with a bit of bashfulness. I then heard them yelling "HEY!" as I looked back at them. I didn't know it was topless day. I was totally caught off guard. So, I guess that was something out of a 1970's trucker movie, however it happened none the less.
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    About 6 years ago in Arizona had an extremely well constructed woman, about 30, answer the door in the smallest bikini I'd ever seen. Hot pink at that. She said she hoped she wasn't embarrassing me being in her little bikini. I got a funny grin on my face and she started giggling. I said have a nice day and she goes "huh!" Arghhhhh!!!! As tempting as those situations are I always wonder what might possibly happen with a woman who's willing to act that way with a total stranger. Problem is that the few other times something close to that happened the lady wasn't particularly attractive. This lady was a stunner. Again, arghhhh!!!
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    That's what she said.
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    Last summer on a rt I'd never done I del a package DSR to a small very pretty college age girl who opened it in front of me, pulled out a battery operated sex "toy" and said "i cant wait to use this! To bad you dont have to finish your shift" im sure she was totally BS'ing me, but still took me by complete surprise. I laughed and said have a good day still in shock at what just occured... and definately boosted my ego for the day lol. At the ramp I remember two different times watching the DG agents inspect a vibrating package to find one that somehow got turned on while moving through the system. Was funny as all hell, only thing ive ever heard shipped batteries already installed haha.


    I know...ramps are so much fun..lol Once I had to deliver to the nudie book store in a small town and the girl behind the counter told me "Oh thank God you're here!! I've been waiting for a week for these dils (intentionally misspelled..lol) we ran out!!" All I could think to say with out laughing was "Glad to be of service.."

    Only other time I've seen someone so genuinely excited to see me was this guy waiting on his Amazon package "Sure am glad I chose FedEx.." Wish he'd picked UPS, that damn thing was heavy!
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    I think there should be a thread titled, "What lies have your manager told you today" ! Oh, and by the way, "Favoritism DOES NOT exist in my work group" ? STRONGLY DISAGREE !!!