I'm going to retire soon

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    I have been working at UPS for 8 years and have been saving/investing by saving 70-80% of my income. I do whatever I can to work 60hrs a week and do part time job on the weekend.) I was highly influenced by Mr. Money mustache and his blog on how to retire by age 30. I won't be able to retire by 30, but my goal is to retire from UPS by age 35-40....
    I hope others can follow this same path to financial freedom.

    key points -
    sold car (ride bike to work)
    buy food in bulk
    canceled TV cable
    canceled gym membership (bike instead)
    no longer eat out
    quit drinking alcohol, coffee
    I try fixing problems instead of hiring someone

    I have found that living frugal lifestyle has made me more at peace, less stressed, and allows me to be more creative.
  2. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    What is it like not being married, divorced, having no kids, or, any life at all?
  3. BlackJack616

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    I plan on getting married and having kids in the next few years.
    It took me a few years to understand having materialistic items does not equate to happiness

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Single & retired young. Why would you go & risk everything by getting married?
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    Congrats on taking charge of your financial health. However, Mr. Money Mustache is not retired. His website is a profit center. With his recent publicity, it will be making him even more money.

    I could not retire at this time regardless of the money I had stock piled. I enjoy working. I enjoy vacations and flying to new lands to explore. I enjoy my time off due to working hard.

    Just beware, kids cost a fortune. And don't believe everything on the web. This guy is making money by claiming he is retired. He may not have a job, but he has a business.
  6. BlackJack616

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    I agree... The whole key is to be financially free and to continue to work at activities you really enjoy. My goal is quitting UPS then moving into starting a small landscaping business and or personal training business.
    UPS will provide the ample cash flow to allow me to move onto tasks that I have more of an interest in doing.
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    I don't envy you.
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    Good luck on finding a wife that feels the same way.
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    She is available.

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    So will you be staying in your parents basement or moving into a van down by the river when you retire? No offense. But I am sorry dude this retirement plan sucks.

    If you have atleast 500k saved then maybe this could work but I am guessing you do not. How much income will your nestegg produce? Do you have wealthy parents I hope?:wink2:
  11. kingOFchester

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    That is a whole different thing then being retired.

    Good luck.
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    Instead of getting married, find a woman you hate and then buy her a house.
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    I'm on target of accumulating 1,000,000 by age 40.

    I did live at home for some years accumulating almost 100% of my UPS income and living off my part time job income.
    Now I rent a very affordable apartment which is
    strategically located very close to my jobs allowing me to eventually sell my car.

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    Don't even think about it!! She's mine!!
  15. BlackJack616

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    Good luck with that....
  17. ups hero

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    I'm sorry blackjack, but it just doesn't add up. For instance if you want to start up a
    Landscape business you'll need a vehicle, insurance and probably some type of license for landscaping, also equipment. Starting up your business will cost a lot of money, in addition to being married and having a child. Hopefully your future wife makes a lot of money. I'm not trying to sound like a prick or make fun of this, but did you really think this out?
  18. BlackJack616

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    I understand the risk/award aspect of starting a business. Also I have figured out that I should be able to live off my saved stash forever allowing me to pick and choose if I want to work or not.
    The point is UPS is able to provide a salary for someone wanting to retire early. All and all anyone can retire with well over a million.

    This is the book that started it all for me.
  19. Bagels

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    LOL, so per your previous postings, you've been with UPS for 7-8 years - and less than 3 as a driver, yet you're on pace to save over 1M by age 40 (no indication of your current age) despite the fact that you've likely earned just over $200,000 in pre-tax $$$ lifetime in your UPS career.

    If you consider "living" to be not working cramped in a small apartment in a seedy area all day, eating & drinking off the sun's energy, that's fine. But most of us don't live in la la land.
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    Your violating DOT law by working on the weekends.