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  1. NeedArealJob

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    So I just looked at my pay stub. I had like 10.50 to go on my initiation fee. And instead of them getting it over with they decide to take out 6$. Why...oh why do they do this...It should have been paid off weeks ago, I got checks where they took nothing out, no initiation fee or union dues,which puzzled me. It's like a never ending process of dragging out.

    Union dues, I know that's never ending, but this check they decided to devote 19 bucks to that. I guess my real question is, after my initiation fee is paid, is the union due going to be this high? I thought if was lowered to a couple bucks a month...?

    O I'm a pt pre loader. 9.50hr. Worked seasonal...rehired. and sick of this damn initiation fee lol.

    Thinking about giving the union a call.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Union dues are a multiplier of your hourly wage. If you are making $9.50/hr and they took out $19 that means the multiplier is 2. Ours is 3. The good news is the dues are tax deductible if you itemize.
  3. NeedArealJob

    NeedArealJob New Member

    that doesn't seem right 19 dollars out of every paycheck ? some guy makes more than me and only pays 12
  4. otkeeper

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    how much is the initiation fee? they took out 10 the first week (plus took out union dues of $10..which had been $21 previously) and have been taking out $20 for initiation every week since and i am now up to $90 paid in initiation.
  5. ORLY!?!

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    I've of people paying 30 sum dollars for a couple of weeks as initiation. The amount they should take weekly is 2.5% of your over all paycheck.
  6. NeedArealJob

    NeedArealJob New Member

    the initiation fee is 250 dollars. I've paid up to date 245.50. my main concern is my union dues. are they going to take 19$ out of every check or is it going to be a monthly fee of that totals 19?
  7. BM23

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    I'm a pre loader. I make 10.50. And union dues are 5 dollars and sometimes 10 dollars a week.
  8. NeedArealJob

    NeedArealJob New Member

    Thanks. Just waiting on my 1.00 raise and ill be at 10.50!
  9. UPSGUY72

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    Union dues should only be taken out once a month (1). Mine union dues are $86 a month which is 2.75 time my hourly rate.
  10. NeedArealJob

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    Union dues should only be taken out once a month (1). Mine union dues are $86 a month which is 2.75 time my hourly rate.[/QUOTE]

    Ok so its once a month. Not continually taking from each check to total a certain amount..? Did I get it right? Lol
  11. nystripe96

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    I made book in Jan. Still not paying my dues yet. Spoke to shop steward more times than I can count. I can only imagine the amount of back dues I'm going to have to pay once my paperwork is finally processed. He said its a formality, yawnnnnn
  12. UPSGUY72

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    Why haven't you called your local / BA. Sooner or later they are going to figure out someone messed up and you are going to have to pay back dues.
  13. pickup

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    For every month this goes by, put the money that would have gone to the dues to the side in a piggy bank. So that when you get hit with a double dip or triple dip on your paycheck when they catch up with you, you can make yourself whole by raiding that piggy bank.
  14. JonFrum

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    Deducting union dues monthly is an option, but weekly is the norm.

    Section 3. Dues Checkoff and Joint Dues Committee
    . . . The Local Union will provide the Employer a weekly amount to be deducted from each employee. The Local Union will individually specify the weekly amount to be deducted for initiation fees, union dues and/or assessments. For initiation fees and assessments, the Local Union will notify the Employer the number of weeks these deductions are to be taken from the employee. . . .
  15. NeedArealJob

    NeedArealJob New Member

    Just looked at how my union dues have been deducted. Looks to be an alternating pattern. In Dec 2011 one week 19$ was taken from me, then another week .50 was taken.

    Dec = 19.50
    Jan = 21.50
    Feb = 19.50
    Mar = 21.00 so far, I assume .50 will be taken out next week.

    Will this be how it is for the rest of my time at ups??? This pattern?
  16. nystripe96

    nystripe96 Active Member

    Looks to avg about $5/paycheck.
  17. brown_trousers

    brown_trousers Active Member

    It must be a regional thing, because over here in the NW, union dues only get paid once per month. I've never even heard of a weekly option
  18. NeedArealJob

    NeedArealJob New Member

    Id rather they took it out in increments of 5$. Instead of one week 21$ and the 3rd week can I tell them how I want it set up?
  19. UPSGUY72

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    NO your local determines how your dues are taken out you don't have a say.
  20. NeedArealJob

    NeedArealJob New Member

    NO your local determines how your dues are taken out you don't have a say.[/QUOTE]

    Well at least I got my answers. I was confused for awhile. Thanks to all that replied.