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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 3dboyz, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Worked winter 2007 as seasonal, applied after new year rehired as seasonal on 6/3/08 and told if I show up every day I will be made perm, after a little while get insurance and benefits packet,enroll got the cards
    start using insurance well I get notices from doctor saying insurance paid
    this and that then beginning of November I get a bill from the doctor that says insurance was declined on follow up visit so I call benefits 1-800 number they tell me that begin date for insurance was 8/2/08 and end date was 8/31/08 that I was terminated on 8/2/08 and rehired on 8/3/08 and I will have to wait until 9/2/08 to get insurance again and that the paperwork was mailed out on 10/28/08 and should recieve it next few days so now I have no insurance and about $ 450 worth of doctor bills which HR can do nothing about it. I just got paperwork stating enrollment changes must be made by 12/18/08 and paperwork dated 11/23/08 but recieved in mail on 12/21/08 what is up with their system? is there anything I can do any suggestions would be helpful
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    UPS cant help the way USPS delivers things.....
    on the second part, they have to term you as seasonal to become perm i dont know why benifiets were extended during your seasonal period...and actually if they did that (and the dates are correct)you wouldnt be getting insurance for a year...
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    after talking to HR at 800# it's sounds like they hired perm in June instead of seasonal and local HR did not realize it so they terminated and rehired ever thou I was already perm
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    plus weekly posted schedules show my start date as 6/3/08
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    When I have issues with my health insurance I always talk to both the health care insurer (Bay Area Delivery Drivers in my case) and the Teamsters. Our Teamsters office has a woman in it who deals with health care issues only and is good.

    It sounds like a simply problem to fix since you have a date hired from June. Be persistent and you will come out OK. Talk to your doctor too so that he will be in the loop about your bill. Most seem to understand problems with health insurance. Good luck.