Integrad hotel accommodations

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    I would have thought it would have been you.... that started this thread.

    RTW- Leaving the Union.
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    Nope- sorry you don't like my criticism of the corruption that does occur. I gladly pay my dues. I just don't like all of the underhanded shenanigans. You have a right to your opinion so others should be allowed the same. It's a big world out there.... Big Union Man. And maybe you are running an honest show (if you actually are an "elected official "), but it's not so wonderful everywhere else. Since you try to act tough, I would think a few internet jabs wouldn't get to you. Guess not. Oh well.
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    If gay is your way, that's OK.

    You're the one always commenting on other men's appearances....
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    Really? How could I possibly do that when I don't know what any of you look like? Sorry that you don't like to ever be challenged. But it cool to know that....I'm getting under your skin. Lol.
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    Also- huh? If you are this amazing Teamster "elected official" that you claim to be, you must have good insurance. Please go get checked out.
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    That's all you ever talk about.


    People like you, are a dime a dozen. All talk.... and no action.

    No different, than most members in my Local.... depending on who they work for.

    I see my personal physician twice a year for bloodwork. (as everyone should)

    The only thing he says to me is....

    "I thought that was your kneecap."

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    Sure thing there.... Big Ego Guy. I'm sure you have everyone.... shaking in their shoes. Lol.
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    You are cute
  9. Mugarolla

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    Yes they did.

    They just didn't call it Integrad.

    3 days of training...methods training in a classroom, driving with people in a package car with windows, and learning to sheet packages using a pen and paper.
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    they didn’t in 82 It was 2 and a half days with a supe Then, hears the keys maybe you can find a map in the office give us a call if you have problems

    see ya
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    All good kids like milk

    now get going !! Lol
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    What did those keys sound like back then?
  13. 542thruNthru

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    It was a week when I went driving.
  14. A little jingle when you held them on your finger.
  15. 542thruNthru

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    Which finger?
  16. Ring finger
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  17. Mugarolla

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    That is literally all we had to know, the 5 seeing habits.

    Most times we didn't even have to recite them.

    As long as we could say that phrase, we were good.

    Even when we did have to recite them, there was none of this...

    how do you do it
    what does it do for you
    and key phrase crap.

    It was simply, and the only thing we had to know...

    Aim high in steering.
    Get the big picture.
    Keep your eyes moving.
    Leave yourself an out.
    Make sure they see you.

    That was it. And the only reason @rod was able to qualify. Anybody can remember 5 small sentences.
  18. Superteeth2478

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    I knew there had to be some kind of on-the-job-training, but my understanding was that it was all in a class that took place in the building you worked out of. Integrad I always understood to be the first time drivers were flown out of their home building for training. I guess they did actually have off-site training areas before where drivers from around the nation trained.
  19. rod

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    I don't recall ever having to qualify. I never went to any UPS training classes. I was a natural born delivering machine. :-)
  20. Mugarolla

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    Some had it in their buildings.

    Others had it off site. It just depended on location, how big your building was, and how many drivers they needed at the time.

    We went off site. About an hour's drive away. Put up in a hotel for three days.
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