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    There was a posting at my location (internal job posting), and it was for PT Driver & Saturday Air. I never went through the Integrad and someone suggested I sign up anyway and they may send me to the school. I have a squeaky clean driving record, but I guess the worst thing they could do is say I can't. I've been looking at the website looking for any possible information for enrolling to the Integrad. I couldn't find anything, maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot. I looked at "Jobs Available", or is there a different page I'm supposed to go to? thanks!
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    The job posting should have contact information for your local HR person, that's who you would want to talk to.
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    If you win the bid (highest seniority) they will send you to school (you dont need to sign up) after you pass your driving test. HR will contact you with the info you need and all that. They might send you to intergrad or they might have an "air driver school" they will send you to. If you can go to Integrad do it, that way when you go f/t you dont need any other schooling.
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    Sign all bids. Like u said what's the worst case.
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    I also signed the latest bid sheets, and apparently won one. There were guys with seniority from the 80's signed up before me so I didn't think I had any chance( I dont even have a year in), but a sup recommended that I always sign the sheets. I did and a few weeks later he stopped me and told me its a good thing I signed up, because I'm probably going to go to school in April. He definitely said "probably" so I don't know if that means I may or may not go to school, or I'm going and it may or may not be in April.
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    Many times you can be number 20 on a list, and in reality it is really like number 5. Because there are people on the list who aren't qualified. Either because of driving record, attendance, or don't know how to drive a manual. Plus some don't even pass the road test or the school. Or they decline/change their mind on the job, or maybe don't even work for UPS anymore.
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    To the OP---by all means sign the bid sheet. They will probably train you in-house and you will not be sent to Integrad. Saturday Air is a great way to learn the job without the pressure of a bricked-out P1000.