Invisible trailer!


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Just saw the commercial for Chevrolet. New technology package available with cameras that allow you to see "through" your trailer. It is now essentially invisible?

How about that safety priority? This could really enhance feeder and yard safety. It is certain that the rear view cameras have done wonders to improve safety in package car.


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I'm sure some higher up has determined the cost of the current rate of fatality/ injury is cheaper than equipping and maintaining a camera system on the trailers.


Waiting to put the re in front of tired
Crazy that may be the current line of thinking when you consider that there have been fatalities involving feeders on our own property.

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What is next?
UPS will have invisible packages loaded into invisible trailers, and STILL be mad at loaders for misloads?
And not going fast enough?
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You don’t understand how that works?
Hell, even my donkey can knock out a dock stop with his grain wagon attached. @rod tell us again how rough you had it back in the 6th century BC when the wheels were made of logs and you had to use your feet to power your ride.


Nevermind, I saw that episode.