Is 804 ever going to vote?

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    BUG Knows the answer. So does the Taylor led piece of garbage, not forthright Negotiating commitee and UPS Labor.

    No one is willing to tell RPCDs that UPS can shift massive amounts of volume to W thru Sun and lay off a boatload of RPCDs.who have no contractual right to bump on to a Sat or Sun.
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    [QUOTE="BigUnionGuy, post.
    I prefer "real world" scenario's.

    Real world scenarios. Right. Now, I comprehend.

    You know who else deals with real world scenarios?

    Contract Lawyers.

    Any experienced counselor specializing in contract law will expose the flaws in the UPS CBA.

    Q. Is there anything in the UPS CBA preventing UPS from eliminating Monday and Tuesday deliveries?
    A. No, it is perfectly legal.

    Q. Is there anything in the CBA that guarantees 22.4s a 40 hour week?

    A. Absolutely

    Q. Is there any language that allows an RPCD who is laid off M and T to bump a 22.4 on a S or Sun?

    A. No such language exists. The 22.4 CBA language guarantee of 40 hours is not open to interpretation. The 22.4 contractually has the right to work Sat and Sun before an RPCD.
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    Yes I do.

    "No RPCD shall be laid off or displaced from the classification while 22.4 combination drivers are working in the building."

    @browned out

    You are losing all credibility at this point.

    Trying to enlist members of Local 174 on the west..

    Local 804 in the east..

    Attempting to portray this, as some National emergency or concern.

    Yeah, but you aren't one of them.

    Who do you think.... works for the IBT ?

    You're just making up stuff at this point.

    Or, some "labor" attorney has got you on the hook....

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    i asked tony q the same question a couple times about rpcd getting laid off on monday and what there recourse is for that. he finally responded that the laid off driver can bump into the twi/preload/hub to get there 8 hours. i then asked how a driver who is laid off on monday and then bumps monday night into tuesday morning preload going to be available to drive on tuesday morning? his response was the laid off monday driver needs to bump into the preload for the whole week or basically accept the monday layoff! his words
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    Second request:

    If a "RPCD" is scheduled Monday thru Friday and is subsequently laid off on Monday, as well as no "22.4 hybrid drivers" utilized on Monday, due to no "available" work

    ....will the RPCD now be entitled to essentially bump a 22.4 driver (with a Tues-Sat, or Wed-Sunday schedule) on Saturday or Sunday, with that being the 22.4's "regularly scheduled work day", but not the RPCD's?

    In other words, what clear cut language supports this "default" process for RPCD's in regards to scheduled workweeks enabling them to be guaranteed their 40 hour week ahead of a 22.4 driver by virtue of scheduled workweek?

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    That won't work in the Central Region, as a "laid off" driver is only guaranteed 3.5 hours for each of the two shifts they bump back onto, for a total of 7 hours only, which leaves them an hour short of the 40 hour guarantee.
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    another ugly situation that will be dealt with half dozen or more ugly ways depending what supplement you fall under
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    I don't remember him saying that.

    Can you post a link ?

    Until @browned out

    Can come up with a plausible explanation, of how he would represent the members

    in a situation like this.... I feel no need to help him out.
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    If they work two shifts then they are guaranteed 8 in the new contract.

    "Laid-off, full-time seniority employees, in the order of
    their seniority, may elect to take the work of one (1) or
    two (2) part-time employees, for the duration of the layoff,
    provided they have more total Company seniority. Where
    the work of two (2) part-time employees is available back-
    to-back (ninety [90] minute gap or less), laid off full-time
    employees must take the work of two part-time employees.
    In such cases, Tthe full-time employees shall be guaranteed
    a minimum of three and one-half (3 1/2) hours work if they
    work one part-time operation or eight (8) hours if they work
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    I'm asking, not @browned out???
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    The Company takes the position that we can't exercise this Central Region provision at all as a result of our Local Seniority Application and it's vague layoff language.

    We have had drivers who are only working on Saturdays for over a month now, under this contract.
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    I hope you aren't....holding your breath as you wait. Lol.
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    It’s hard for locals to push for something better the second round when their old guard gave away the right to go on a local strike... A lot of locals now need the approval of the IBT Perz... Now we know how that will go!
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    BUG has proven that he has no credibility. Did he ever negotiate contract language that was not open to interpretation or purposely vague? Absolutley Maybe.

    BUG is not forthright. Trying to deflect and/or evade a CBA question regarding major changes in working conditions pay & terms of employment is unacceptable.

    Responding.....No RPCD will be laid a cop out.

    BUG epitomizes the Hoffa/Hall/Taylor regime.

    Refusing to answer the question regarding an RPCDs 40 hour guarantee v. a 22.4s guarantee of 40 hours reprehensible. An act of cowardice. No surprise there.
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    Help WHO out? Get the Big Picture. It is not about helping only 1 person out. Unless that person is A BUG.

    How about helping all the UPS teamster members by answering the question?

    You can truthfully answer. You won"t.

    @BUG < Spineless
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    PM sent.
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    Since I have always had the highest vote total for any position I've ran for....

    1000's of people would disagree with you.

    I negotiated the UPS/CSI rider for 2 different Locals (mine included)

    and participated in several white paper contracts.... always with an attorney.

    I'm not a spokesman for the IBT.

    My opinions are based on contract knowledge and experience.

    Something you.... are obviously lacking.

    When is that Local 243 election coming up ?

    What is your platform going to be;

    I don't know :censored2: about the contract.... but, those guys are criminals ?

    Can't wait to see those fliers.... :biggrin:

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    And yet you still don't have an answer for this. Sending a PM to Bubblehead doesn't cut it. Post it here. You can't. No more of this BS "no regular package car driver will be laid off if a 22.4 is working"

    22.4s will not be working Mondays. 22.4s may not even be working Tuesdays if/when UPS goes to the Wed-Sun 22.4 schedule.

    Maybe you can ask one of your lawyers. They will tell you the same thing. There is absolutely nothing in the Master CBA, Central Supplement or Metro Detroit Rider that gives RPCDs the right to bump 22.4s on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Ask a contract lawyer that same question; only about the NORCAL supplement. That lawyer will tell you that a RPCD definitely has the right to bump a 22.4 in NORCAL.
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