Is Anyone Happy at UPS?

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    I ask this question seriously as I was thinking about it today at lunch (nothing else to do for the remaning 45 minutes left after I eat). Anothing incident that touched off this line of thinking occured with a customer.

    He was talking about a guy that covers my route. The customer said he "has the best attitude I've ever witnessed from a UPS driver or any other worker". He added, "nothing upsets him and he doesn't let anything bother him".

    I have to agree with my customer and its the attitude I(or all of us?) need to have in order to be happy at UPS. So much crap can go wrong with the operation or hinder your delivery plan and methods that its useless to get upset about it.

    I can start a story 5 pages long of the things that can go wrong in the air operation, feeders, the hub, preload, and finally the delivery and pick-up end that it almost amazes me get its done as promised 98% of the time.

    I was thinking today that I like my job. We left the buiding 45 minutes after my start time and this caused commit time issues all day long. However, the sun was shinnig and it was 85 degrees today. Its Friday and everyone was in a good mood. I enjoyed being outside and working hard for good money. It was a pleasure driving back to the center with the work week over and the doors open with very comfortable temperatures.

    So, to answer my own question, I was very happy at UPS today. I was just curious if anyone else shares my opinion about driving for UPS on a beautiful Friday afternoon in June?

    PS Things are not so 'rosey' on a rainy Monday in November, lol!
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    I was
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    Yep, me too. Why waste your time and life at a job that you don't enjoy. Different UPS than the one that I signed on for, but I still enjoy the camaraderie of most of the UPSers, the customers and being outside all day long. It's the management I feel sorry for. Not the same UPS they signed up for and they are STUCK.
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    STUG makes this thread!!!

    You're on Deckl!
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    I am happy at UPS. I am currently laid off and working a second job for extra cash in between my split shifts. I am lucky to get 4 hours of sleep a day, and bust my butt at UPS.

    I get to see my kids more often, I still have benifits and some sort of income. I am alive, and actually get to see my kids more while I am laid off.

    It's all about the attitude. UPS is a miserable, horrible, difficult place to work. . .. if you let it be. I personally love it. Up at 3 am everyday with a smile on my face and a song in my heart because why would you let things get to you and why would you want to live any other way?

    When I drive I pratically pee my pants everyday when I wake up. I go to work, say "Hi boss." jump in a truck, drop off some packages, work alone, and get to have the satisfaction that I do it right and very well everyday. Then I say, good night boss, and go home. Where else can you do all that?
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    Most of the time NO,but its way too late to change now.
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    There was a time I could honestly say yes.
    Today? NO.
    It's not to the point of dread, but more habit than anything that keeps me dragging myself into work.
    This job used to be fun, believe or not. I used to truly enjoy my work and the people. Now I'm just clocking time until retirement. My luck that too will disappear along with any spirit I once had.
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    I really like it.I like to think of myself as one that always has a good attitude no matter what happens,but there are those days when you feel like you're in a ship sinking in a sea of 5hit.I love being on my own,making my own decisions,and trying to be as efficient as possible .Its like being a garbage man in reverse,except they have to go to every house on the street.That has got to be the killer with that job.
    I think it's a good job where I am but it can change when a new center manager decides to clean house,or if someone decides they don't like you. sad but true.
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    It's a classic love/hate relationship. Can't live with it and can't live without it.
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    I'm happy at UPS, not happy with UPS.
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    i like the work and being outside. i took this job because i thought i was going to be out doing my thing with no one looking over my shoulder every 10 minutes. our building is just now getting all of the trucks wired with the sensors so that's over. now you have some lazy ***** sitting behind a computer asking whats taking so long lol. i guess they call it work for a reason
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    Don't worry about THAT. Unless you are doing things you shouldn't Telematics should not affect you. We've had it for almost 2 years and like I said before I haven't heard a significant word from management about my practices.

    In two years, I've had one virtual OJS. If you don't know what it is they basically pull your records for he day. However, these records tell everything you did. However, your supervisor will focus on things like idle time, paid over for a stop, where you took lunch, seat belt events, bulk head door events, how many residential backs, and total backs for example.

    The strange thing was my report only showed about 15 backs and 2 residential backs (he gave me the street and number and these were accurate), but I know I back at least 40 times/day. Everything else was accurate accept the backs. The sup. said "nice job on the backs" but I know something was wrong because I back 10 times just with my airs.

    Don't sweat Telemaics, its not worth it. Just do what you're told to do. One drawback is they always know how much work you have left and they are always looking at that to see if you can help someone else. They also know if you took lunch yet, so don't lie and look like a fool.
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    That's pretty much the way I feel about it. I don't hate it and there are certain aspects of the job that I like, but if it wasn't for the money I'd be long gone.
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    Copy that. I'm not here to be happy, make friends, or like the job. I'm here to make money.
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    Its not a whole lot different anywhere else. Every large company went through times of growth when they needed employees and they needed those employees to do welll to stave off the competition. Now its not the competitor thats the enemy, but the employee that is the problem. Most companies no longer want "employees", they are nothing but problems and liability, they would much prefer "contractors" to do the work. The catch-22 is that this situation came about because most employees are unhappy and the company feels a certain percentage of those unhappy employees will screw them over if given the chance.

    UPS, like every other company right now, is trying to do the same or more work with fewer workers. So if you don't like long hours or its your job they are trying to cut, then yeah it sucks right now.
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    i have this conversation alot with supervisors---the job itself is really not that hard....its what management DOES to routes with add/cuts that make it challenging /frustrating /impossible to finish a day....i try to explain to them that if they run the routes,THEIR days as ours would smoother..not to cant be safe to have people driving back/forth across routes doing splits....but overall--i enjoy being out there interracting with the customer...
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    I actually love my job. My route is one that never lets up. No windshield time, except the 30 min run to and from. Get the air off, get buisness del with some resies, make pick up compliance, finish resies, make last 2 pick ups, head back and try to stay off the over allowed radar.

    This is accomplished only if dispatch and pre load do thier jobs. That hasn't happend much this week. Several days over dispatched and mis loads. Oh well, do my best is all I can do.

    We are all rather cranky in our area. Upper 90s and high humidity. Heat index over 100 everyday.

    All in all, I still love my job. My customers are great and I provide a good life for myself and my family. I try and stay positive, not that I don' t have my moments of negativity. I quit getting all worked up over it all years ago. Its not worth the stress, this job has enough as is, no need to add to it.
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