Is it mandated that you work no matter how bad the weather?

2 questions here

The last 2-3x we had a winter storm our PT supe group was alerted by text from our direct report that our building was open and that its mandated that we come in to work no matter how bad the weather.

Also when our building is closed for bad weather we're told its mandatory to report to the nearest building that's still open, which is maybe 10-15 minutes away from current building while the hourly folks do not have to work.

Now we have one annoyed supervisor that wants proof of this mandate that we have to come in during bad weather and that we have to go to another building even when ours closes and the hourlies don't have to work. People are tired of hearing UPS promoting safety yet not caring when it comes to very bad weather, not being able to make it in and getting written up or talked to about it.

When some employees say they may not make it, the direct report just tells us how he made it with no problem at all because the highways weren't bad and acts as if because he made it, everyone else should. He forgets there are back roads that may not be plowed, people with cars that aren't great in the snow.

I have a 4x4 so I always make it in during bad weather...its just the couple folks that will question our being open in the group text message.

So are these 2 issues legit and mandated/mandatory?


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come to work , EC whole truck , go home ...(driver) to work , call into center saying your stuck in a ditch ( preload/reload)


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Then you must obey your master
Stop whining. If you feel coming in is unreasonable, don't. If you get fired, it's proof your values are incompatable.
it's not me that's complaining...i make it to work without complaining. Its the younger folks that always have an issue. I was just curious if their concerns were valid if indeed having to make it in is mandated.